Dental Crowns


By the time when we get a little older, changes in teeth appear and there are more chances to get affect with decay. Numerous causes are there behind the change in your smile. It can be bruxism or teeth grinding, root canals, cracker fillings, general decay or some other factors. If the tooth is beyond repair with filling material, there might be a recommendation to get a full crown for saving the teeth. Reasons behind this kind of restoration in badly damaged teeth contain cosmetic appearance, durability along with overall support of the chewing function.


If we think that there is a requirement of a full crown, some other options are available for tooth repairing. Such options contain porcelain fused to metal, a full porcelain crown, a gold crown or a full gold crown. We’ll try to decide which option will best suit you among these options for your situation. One good thing to see after the process is that the new teeth will be virtually imperceptible and will try to encourage the rest of the smile.


About 2-3 appointments will be required for the patient in the overall process if there are chances for a full-crown restoration. Though the majority of a crown can be done within two visits, a requirement of the third visit can be there to ensure a proper fit. The process will initiate with eliminating all decay in the teeth. Once the decay is removed, an impression of the tooth will be taken by us. That impression will be delivered into the lab where the new restoration will be made. Whatever the time period is taken in crafting a new tooth, we’ll provide you with a temporary restoration. The temporary restoration will be similar to your natural teeth so that a continuation will be there in daily life without getting concerned about missing or mismatched tooth.

At the time of the second visit, a procedure for placing the final restoration will be there. The crown will be fitted comfortably into the mouth and we’ll try to put our efforts for ensuring that your new tooth feels like one of the natural teeth. In the end, the crown will be cemented into the mouth which will deliver a nice and beautiful restored smile.

Crown Lengthening

Some cases are there when decay takes place below the gum line. Sometimes it becomes crucial to remove some amount of gum tissue and bone. Depending upon the amount of this issue, the dentist may ask that this is completed before the new crown is applied. There is a process known as crown lengthening which can be implemented for various reasons like restoring health and improving the look of the gum line. If someone is facing a gummy smile, the physician may offer the procedure of crown lengthening to make their smile more pleasing. Length of our teeth is eventually much longer than they are visible to us. It is due to the gum tissues which cover their inside part. This process is able to adjust the gum and bone level to expose more of the natural teeth.