Dental Crowns

We all want strong teeth that will last for a lifetime, but sometimes we may need a crown, which is a covering for your tooth. A crown, also known as a “cap,” is usually used to cover a damaged tooth.
For example, your tooth may be decayed so much that there is not enough of the natural tooth material to hold a filling.

A crown is also used to protect a broken tooth or can be attached to a dental implant (tiny rod) to replace a missing tooth. A crown may also be used to cover a tooth that is very discolored.

A crown can make your tooth look more attractive, improve your tooth’s shape or alignment, and make your tooth stronger. Crowns made of ceramic, porcelain, or resin can be made to match the natural color of your teeth so most people won’t even know that you have a crown.


By the time we get a little older, changes in teeth appear and there are more chances to be affected by decay.

Numerous causes are there behind the change in your smile. It can be bruxism or teeth grinding, root canals, cracker fillings, general decay or some other factors.

If the tooth is beyond repair with filling material, there might be a recommendation to get a full crown to save the teeth.

The reasons for this kind of restoration of badly damaged teeth are cosmetic appearance, durability, along with overall support of the chewing function.


If we think that there is a requirement of a full crown, some other options are available for tooth repair.

Such options contain porcelain fused with a full porcelain crown.

We’ll try to decide which one will best suit you from these options based on your situation.

One good thing to see after the process is that the new teeth will be virtually imperceptible and will try to encourage the rest of the smile.

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