Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers stand for enormously thin casings made up of ceramic. They are bonded to the front of the patient’s tooth for creating a new smile and are placed over the front of teeth which appear very tiny or too large, somewhat discolored, or basically aren’t cosmetically enjoyable to the patient. Many patients are there whose teeth may have become discolored, chipped or are faintly crooked. For those who are facing such problems, porcelain veneers can prove to be an ideal solution for the majority.

At the time of placing porcelain veneers, we try to keep attention on the patients surrounding teeth and create each veneer for complementing the overall smile. The overcome is a nice and attractive new smile. If attention is made with proper basis, the veneers will last for a decent time. We try to ensure that your fresh veneers are created of the most durable porcelain stuff available.


The process initiates with tooth preparation. It involves eliminating the discolored or unpleasant portion of the tooth along with meticulously shaping it for the preparation of the new veneer. Once the tooth is shaped by us, we’ll attempt to take an impression. That impression will be delivered to the lab where the crafting of new restoration takes place. When new veneers are developed, you will be provided with a momentary restoration. That momentary restoration will look like your natural teeth so that you’ll be able to carry on with the daily routine of life without keeping in mind about missing or mismatched tooth.

At the time of the second visit to our clinic, there will be a placement of your last restoration. At that time, the veneers will get fitted with comfortable touch into the mouth and we’ll try to ensure that your fresh tooth feels exactly like the other natural teeth. There will be a final touch of bonding the new veneers into the mouth and providing you with a wonderfully restored smile.