Bonding or white composite filling

Bonding stands for a composite resin which is adopted as a substitute to veneers and amalgams. Bonding proves to be a nice option for those who don’t want to have an appearance of silver in their mouths and don’t require the expense of veneers.
Bonding can be applied on teeth which have been stained, cracked or decayed.


The process of bonding usually requires a single visit. The initial procedure is to eliminate the decayed or unpleasant portion of the tooth. The tooth will then fix with the help of a liquid or gel.

After that, a bonding agent will be applied. The process will permit composite resin to be put in the prepared tooth.

The resin will then trimmed and polished for providing a delightfully sculpted, natural-looking restoration.

Bonding Durability

While composite resins are cosmetically enjoyable and can be placed simply, the durability can’t be termed as that much strong if we compare with other forms of restorations.
Such resins are able to stand for nearly 4- 7 years before they initiate to chip and wear down. If it happens, there will be a requirement of restoration to be replaced.
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