What are Aligners? How Do Aligners Work?


What Are Aligners?

Crooked or misaligned teeth are embarrassing for everyone. The main reason for these misaligned teeth is multiple dental health disorders and verbal impairment. Aligners are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces for straightening teeth. They come in clear plastic and are custom-fitted to the patient’s tooth. Each set is worn for a certain amount of time, typically two weeks, and gradually shifts the teeth into their desired positions.

A dentist or orthodontist supervises the treatment plan to ensure the patient’s progress is on track. Patients often prefer aligners because they are virtually invisible, removable, and more comfortable them traditional braces.

Clear dental aligners have become very popular among patients who want to straighten their teeth without facing any pain. Clear dental aligners are comfortable and more accessible to utilize than conventional braces.

Dentists suggest dental aligners to people suffering from dental issues like bite problems, correct spacing issues, and crowding of teeth. Dental aligners also work as conventional braces in a much shorter treatment period, making them the best option for teeth straightening.

Dental Aligners are effective in teeth straightening and providing a beautiful smile. Following the dentist’s instructions and adequately wearing these aligners is recommended.

How Do Dental Aligners Work?

During the teeth straightening procedure with dental aligners, your orthodontist will scan your teeth to frame a 3D model. These scans will help the dentist make molds that will create custom teeth aligners.

A series of plastic mouthpieces are to be made for your teeth as per the measurements observed by digital scans. These mouthpieces will pressure your teeth to gradually move into the correct position to improve your dental alignment. If necessary, your dentist or orthodontist may place small, clear attachments on the teeth to connect them with your teeth aligners. Each mouthpiece set requires to be worn for two weeks before being replaced by a new set of mouthpieces that will move the teeth further.

It can take anywhere from one to three series of aligners to produce optimal results.

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