Things To Know Regarding Mini Dental Implants


As the world is taking the benefit of some advanced technologies, there have been various
changes in the treatment procedures of dentistry. Just like we talk about mini dental implants,
they have become an alternative to traditional dental implants and are opted for when someone
requires a smaller-than-average implant to fit in an extra thin space.

For those who don’t know about dentures, they prove to be the common solution for replacing
the missing teeth. They are detachable restorations having a gum-coloured base by which the
replacement teeth are held.

However, some disadvantages are linked to dentures as they slip out
of place at the time of eating or speaking, which can cause pain and embarrassing conditions. Mini
dental implants can also be identified as a partner to deliver stability for the dentures as they are
commonly used in the lower jaw to stabilize dentures.

Other Details

This kind of dental implant contains a diameter of around 1.8 mm to 3.3 mm, and one of the
major changes that can be seen between regular and mini implants is their design. Regular
implants tend to have replacement teeth screwed on them, whereas mini-implants contain balls
on the exposed ends. After that, the dentures are secured into place on such balls and with O-
rings. With the help of its design, the dentures are held securely in place, permitting them to
be eliminated for regular cleaning.


Their placement is similar to the method of regular dental implants. But due to such implants are
smaller, it delivers some of the advantages like shorter recovery period, takes less time ad much
less invasive. When tiny incisions take place in the gums, small holes are drilled by the dental
professional into the jawbone. The posts are then put in the jaw and the gums of a patient are
stitched closed around them. Just because the overall process behaves to be less invasive, the
dentures can become stable the same day. Though, there might be a presence of some discomfort
for some days after the placement. In such cases, it is recommended not to eat hard, chewy and
sticky food for some days. Once the person is completely healed, he can get back to his normal


  • Mini implants can be identified as such a segment of dental implants that contains all the
    benefits of implants in general. But if we go to their name particularly, they prove to be smaller
    in size and their placement can be done without the help of complex flap surgery.
  • If they are installed on a person’s mouth, there will be a presence of less discomfort to tissue
    and bone. 
  • They prove to be comfortable as we talked about dentures that they are slippery and sometimes
    make the person feel awkward. However, one of their uses is realigning and improving dentures. 
  • There will be no need for surgery to install mini implants. The prosthetic tooth can be loaded in
    a matter of hours and the healing process also prove to be much faster. 
  • It has also been said to be an affordable implant treatment. 
    Not everybody can have mini dental implants as it will be prescribed by the dentist only in
    specific cases. He may recommend having a mini implant in situations where someone has a
    presence of small teeth, teeth which are situated in a narrow space, for front teeth replacements
    and premolar replacement. 
    One of the reasons why they’re used as an implant instead of adhesive is due to a fact that it is
    more secure which delivers more comfort and natural use of the tooth. All such things described
    in this blog delivers information in the mind of readers about this topic. With the help of all such
    things, an idea can be taken about this kind of a dental implant and how it can prove to be helpful
    in some ways.


Mini dental implants prove to be a nice option for premolar replacements and front teeth, also for
those having small teeth. But, as we said, the dentist may recommend this option in some
specific cases. That’s why you’ll have to talk to the oral surgeon about the requirements and the
kind of solution that seems to be right for you.

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