Things to Know About Dentures


A denture, in an easier way, can be identified as a removable replacement for missing teeth that have been lost due to some problems like injury, tooth decay or gum disease. They can also be understood as the artificial teeth and gums which are formed for the mouth of the patient and created by the dentists for replacing lost or eliminated natural teeth. They will be custom designed to fit the mouth and a look will be given the same as the existing teeth. There are two types of dentures, namely full dentures and partial dentures.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are removable devices that consist of both upper and lower sets that can be used to replace the missing teeth. The dentist can apply full dentures when there is a complete absence of all the teeth. Porcelain and acrylic are two of the things by which the denture teeth are made up of. There are two different kinds of full dentures, namely conventional full denture and immediate full denture.

The difference between both these full dentures is that the conventional denture will be placed in the mouth after any residual teeth are eliminated and tissues have healed. The process of healing may take several months, at that time, the patient is without teeth. On the other side, conventional dentures can be identified as immediate dentures which are generated in advance so they can be positioned after the removal of teeth. During this process, the patient will not have to live without teeth at the time of the healing period. Though, there might be possibilities of gums and bones that shrink over time, particularly at the time of healing period following teeth removal.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are different from full dentures as they will be suitable to cases where one or more natural teeth are present in the upper or lower jaw. One of the advantages following partial dentures is that they are convenient and removable, which means that the person can bring them out whenever needed. They are basically made up of all-acrylic or acrylic material.

Partial dentures are helpful not only in filling the spaces made by the missed teeth, but also assist in preventing other teeth to change their position. It usually consists of replacement teeth fasten up with a pink or gum-colored plastic base that is connected sometimes by a metal framework that grasps the denture in place in the patient’s mouth.

Other Types of Dentures

We told you regarding two major types of dentures. Along with full and partial dentures, there are some other varieties of dentures as well. Out of which, the first one is custom dentures. They are constructed of more expensive teeth by which a person gets a more natural-looking smile.

Custom dentures are made to fit the smile of the patient so that it looks natural. The next one is immediate dentures that are placed on the same day when the teeth have been extracted or removed. However, there arenumerous prerequisites pertaining to a clients mouth health that will need to be evaluated.

One more type of dentures is overdentures that sit on the top of gums and held in place with dental implants. Even snap-in dentures can be an effective choice especially when the topic is about stability. Such kinds of dentures are held securely in place with the assistance of anchors or dental implants onto the existing teeth. There are upper dentures that are used for the upper teeth like if a person has missing teeth in his upper jaw, this type of denture can be a good choice for them.

Necessity of Dentures

Most of the people have a requirement of dentures because they have lost their natural teeth due to some injury or decay, there might even be possibilities of facing some troubles in chewing, eating or speaking. Sometimes, the dentist may decide to remove the entire set of teeth lining of both upper and lower jaws to locate a full set of dentures. There can be some problems with eating after the setting of the dentures as it will ask for some practice in the beginning. It might be uncomfortable for people to wear for some weeks. They are constructed to closely resemble the natural teeth so that they resemble a natural set of teeth.. Dentures can prove to be a supportive element in improving the smile of the person and fill out their facial appearance.

Dentures Cost

Before indulging in options like the services of dentures, most people will have a question in mind about its overall cost that whether it fits into their budget or not. In order to determine the cost for dentures and how to pay for them, the question can be correctly answered by the dentist from whom you’re trying to opt for the treatment. You can ask the dentist about financing and take an idea about the overall cost of dentures. At Elite Dental Group, we accept every major medical insurance to help alleviate some of the cost.

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