Temporary Tooth And Related Aspects


There have been a lot of cases where people have to take help from the dentist for numerous
reasons. Sometimes there can be a presence of cavities, or the patient suffers from gum disease.
In some conditions where the dentist finally decides to remove the teeth, it can sound a bit
unpleasant to many people. But don’t worry, as the technology is growing, dentistry is also
introducing various options for the patient to assist them and deliver them nice services.

Here in this section, we will talk about a temporary tooth along with a dental implant. Those who
have been guided for a dental implant and aren’t prepared for it due to some reasons, they can go
for a temporary tooth. In normal cases, a temporary tooth is provided by the dentist when the
patient waits for their permanent dentures to appear from the lab. But, there can be situations
where a person can choose to have a temporary tooth as an alternative of an implant for a long-
term basis.

About Cemented Temporary Crowns


When the thing is about advancing for a temporary tooth, one of the good options can be
cemented temporary crowns. However, this condition isn’t applied to all the people as there
might be a presence of some issues with some patients afterward. One of the benefits following
cemented temporary crowns is that they can rapidly fill the gap of a missing tooth. Along with
that, a person doesn’t need to take it out for cleaning as it gets cemented. After installing them,
there are options for the patients for the dental implant if required at a later time. It also delivers
a realistic look and the surrounding tissue properly forms around the temporary tooth.

Temporary Dental Bridges & Essix Retainers


This kind of dental bridge stands as one of the durable options in terms of others. They are
usually made up of acrylic material and rely on the surrounding teeth for support by which they
require to be strong and healthy.

Talking about Essix retainers, they are customized clear retainers tend to fit over all the upper or
lower teeth according to the requirement. They prove to be one of the most comfortable options
for a removable denture and don’t put pressure on portions where the patient may have had a
bone graft or gum surgery.

Is There Any Alternative To Temporary Tooth


Who wants to display a gap between their teeth while waiting for dentures or other options they
consider! Here in such conditions, one of the things by which a person can rely on is immediate
dental implants. They are implants placed on the jawbone of the patient at the time of the same

visit when the dentist takes out any unnecessary tooth. It also proves to be a nice option to never
have a missing tooth throughout the procedure of a dental implant.

What Are Dental Flippers?


A dental flipper tooth can be acquired when a screw-retained implant isn’t assisting with the
makeup of the patient’s mouth, jawbone, and gums. It refers to a kind of partial denture. One of
its advantages is that it proves to be one of the cheapest artificial tooth options with a high
success rate. Along with that, the delivery time is supposed to be very fast as they can be made
within a matter of a single or two days, whether in the office or by a lab. It also has become a
recommendation of many dentists as they consider them standard for temporary artificial teeth.
Dental flippers will also deliver a facility of giving comfort during the dental implant’s
installation as they won’t put much pressure on them.


We told you regarding different options and the difference between one over the other. All such
things prove to be beneficial when someone goes for the treatment and things mentioned in the
above section have been delivered to the readers for a knowledgeable basis. Almost every topic
contains its pros and cons. That’s why make sure to consult with the dentist about every aspect
related to the type of treatment you choose or preferred by them. Along with that, try to take care
of your oral health and make efforts in indulging in some good oral habits.

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