You have probably heard it from your elders that eating sweet can spoil your teeth. Does sugar cause cavities? It is assumed that sugar is not good for your teeth but it is not always so. The ancient philosopher observed that sweet food such as fig can also cause tooth decay though it not believable. But with development in medical and science, one thing is unchanged, sugar affects your teeth and causes tooth decay. However, sugar itself cannot be blamed for tooth decay but the chain of events which happens and that should be blamed. We will help you out to know how does sugar cause cavities.

Additionally, we will also give you a detailed view of prevention from tooth decay. There are various types of bacteria that are present in our mouth. Some of them are good for your tooth’s health while some are not good. For instance, research depicts a certain group of bacteria are harmful to your teeth that produce acid whenever they encounter. The effect of this acid removes tooth enamel, it a layer of our teeth.

It protects our teeth from bacteria and infections. But the good news is that our saliva helps its layer reverse the damage naturally. Our saliva contains phosphate and calcium that helps us to repair enamel. Moreover, the continuous acid attacks on our teeth will lose the minerals in enamel. Over time, the weakness and spoilage of enamel will form a cavity. Now, what is a cavity? It is a hole in the tooth which occurs due to tooth decay. Due to this, the harmful bacteria will digest the food and release acid in the mouth. If the cavity is left untreated then it can affect the deeper level of the tooth and causes pain.

How does sugar cause cavities?

It is understood that eating excessive sugar may result in tooth decay but not everyone is aware of the impacts. If it is not cured early you may see bad effects of sugar on teeth. It is not only the sugar that is the culprit but the chain of occurrence takes place. If you consume sugar it will attract bacteria due to which acid will secrete. It can destroy the tooth enamel which ultimately affects your teeth. Mainly two bacteria found in the mouth are streptococcus sorbrinus and Streptococcus mutans.

Both the bacteria will affect your teeth when you consume sugar and form a tooth plague. If it is not clear with water then the whole area of mouth will become more acidic and cavities will form. With the help of the PH scale, one can measure how basic or acidic a solution is, a pH level of 7 is considered neutral. When the PH level is below normal then it will start decaying the tooth enamel. Additionally, small holes will be formed and it will fill with by bacteria. This act can not only affect your teeth but can ultimately destroy them. If you experience such issues then you should not avoid it but consult the dentist.

Why sugar is bad for your teeth?

Sugar seems harmless but it may have bad effects on your dental health. These problems can mainly affect those people who eat food containing high sugar. Eating excessive sugar may result in gum disease. Once gum disease is affected then it will only increase and affect mouth heath. It will also lead to coronary artery disease. Addition to this, overconsumption of sugar may lead to an increased blood glucose level. Eating food with high sugar may increase the calories in your body. But it won’t have positive outcomes as it doesn’t contain nutrients.

Eating high sugar will not only affect your teeth but also have bad impacts on your health. It will cause stress and may disturb the body hormones. One may experience anxiousness and irritable due to the excessive consumption of sugar. However, taking high sugar food may give good taste to your tongue but will surely have bad impacts on your dental health. Taking care will help you to avoid tooth decay or spoilage. Consulting doctor is the best solution because stretching a disorder will only increase its magnitude and outcomes will become worse.

Why does sugar rot your teeth?

Unluckily, sugar is the favorite for some people but the fact is it can rot your teeth. The sugar that can destroy your teeth contains glucose. It is generally found in brown sugar, corn syrup, honey etc. You might be thinking why it rots your teeth? It happens because excessive sugar generates bacteria which creates acid in the mouth. Consistent attack of acid on your teeth leads to the cavity. As we mentioned earlier, the cavity creates a hole in your teeth and the hole filled with bacteria. This will ultimately decay your tooth.

Now the question is how to cure or fight with tooth decay?

Cutting down sugar will help you to improve this condition in an effective manner. Make sure what you eat and drink must be in a balanced manner. Overconsumption will only spoil your teeth. Apart from this practicing good oral hygiene can help you a lot. It is recommended to brush twice a day and drink plenty of water. It will not make your mouth dry and stay away from the bad breath. Try to use the toothpaste that contains fluoride as it will safeguard your teeth from bacteria. Lastly, you must visit the dentist every six months to protect your dental health.

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