Reasons Behind Sensitive Teeth-Information & Available Treatments

Is there any pain in the teeth when licking ice cream or taking a spoonful of some hot ingredient? While pain due to cold or hot things may indicate a cavity. It is also common in people with sensitive teeth.

Sensitivity is a common dental problem that includes pain or discomfort in the teeth. When encountering many types of substances and temperatures. When somebody contains sensitive teeth, numerous activities like eating, drinking, and brushing can provide temporary pain.

The point of origin describes the cause and treatment of the sensation when sensitivity arises suddenly. What causes sensitive teeth suddenly can be whether the sensitivity originates from one tooth or several.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Talking about healthy teeth, the enamel is responsible for safeguarding the underlying layer of dentin softer than gums to protect enamel and tooth roots. But the dentin becomes exposed when the enamel gets worn down or if the gum line has receded. Various conditions like root erosion, enamel, gum recession, cracked teeth, and cavities can cause dentine to be exposed.

There are different types of causes by which conditions like sensitive teeth take place. To find out the causes behind sensitive teeth, the dentist will recommend an oral exam and may ask about the details when the patient feels such flashes of pain. One of the main things to be aware of is the diet first. Remember that taking hard or acidic foods can be productive to tooth sensitivity. Even citrus fruits, juices, and sports drinks may contribute.

Another thing can be brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush or brushing the teeth aggressively. That’s why if you need to take proper care of your teeth, there is a need to apply a soft-bristled toothbrush, and you’ll have to move in gently inside all portions of the mouth. You would have discovered people containing a habit to eat ice. If someone chews on ice, there are chances that it can crack the tooth’s enamel or grind it down over time. That’s why it will be better to indulge in such things to protect your teeth from things like sensitivity.

One more lifestyle factor by which there can be an adverse effect on teeth health is stress. It is because it can lead to tooth damage if it causes the person to grind their teeth, which in turn can lead to sensitivity. Pregnancy doesn’t directly cause sensitivity in teeth, but some hormonal changes can affect a woman’s gums, which might result in pain or discomfort.

A sinus infection may also make the teeth hurt due to the inflammation and pressure of the sinuses swelling. A person may identify a sinus infection if their teeth and head cause pain more when he leans over with their head down. It might happen that a small cavity gets responsible for eating away the tooth enamel to expose dentin and bring tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Sensitive to Cold

We told you about different kinds of causes by which the problem of sensitive teeth can appear, but have you ever thought why the tooth is sensitive to cold? There are numerous things behind this question which we’ll try to let you explain.

The first thing is the cracks present in the teeth. Over time, they can take place as the teeth enlarge and contract with experience to cold and hot temperatures. The cracks in the teeth deliver another pathway to the nerves that make the teeth sensitive to cold. A person can check for lines that could signal microscopic cracks.

The second thing we’ll discuss is gum disease or tooth decay. If a person is feeling sensitive to cold even if he isn’t getting something cold, then he might be in the initial stages of gum disease or tooth decay. An increase in plaque on the teeth or even gums can make the teeth sensitive, leading to gum disease or tooth decay.

If there is a feeling of constant sensitivity to heat or cold in the teeth, there is a need to have a closer look at them. Inspect the gum line to explore whether the gums are pulling away from the teeth. It is because receding gums can help to feel hot and cold to travel to the nerves in the teeth.

There would have been so many people worldwide who sometimes indulge themselves in grinding their teeth. We must tell them that teeth can become sensitive to cold if excessive tooth grinding, also called bruxism, can wear away the tooth enamel and expose the nerves.

Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Regarding the remedies for sensitive teeth, if the sensitivity is supposed to be mild, there are measures like over-the-counter dental treatments. You’ll also have to do homework to find the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth available in your locality. Toothpaste is made particularly for sensitive teeth mainly. It doesn’t have any irritating ingredients. It may have a presence of desensitizing ingredients, which help to block the distress from travelling to the tooth’s nerve.

When the thing is about using mouthwash for sensitive teeth, you need to go for one with no alcohol in it because it will prove less irritating to sensitive teeth. There is a need to use softer toothbrushes. Also, you’ll have to be gentler when brushing your teeth. If the thing is regarding diagnosis, the practitioner will help identify the cause behind sensitivity.

There can be an examination and x-rays. If your teeth are sensitive due to topical issues like overly consuming acidic foods and drinks, or there is an implementation of tooth whitening products, they will be advised to ease off.

If we talk about treating the symptoms of gum disease or receded gums, treatment for any infection in the gums will be needed. A deep dental cleaning comprised of root scaling along with planning is helpful to eradicate tartar and plaque from around the gum line. In severe cases, the surgeon can also recommend an antibiotic.

When the teeth are becoming very sensitive, like a feeling of sharp or shooting tooth pain, make it your priority to visit the dentist to consult about the problem. If an oral health condition affects the person in their day-to-day lifestyle, it is necessary to see a professional.

When sensitivity occurs due to a decayed or cracked tooth, cleaning and sealing of teeth is a better option. Otherwise, there can be a risk to develop some infection. Along with such things, one must not ignore the symptoms of receding gums or gum disease. As the gums pull away, the teeth can become loose. Try to take care of your oral hygiene and visit the dentist if the problems are out of control.

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