How Much Long Does It Take to et a Dental Bridge?


There are many people in the world having a presence of missing teeth. For such people, the dentist may prefer to have dental bridges. They can bridge the gap created by a single or multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges can prevent the residual teeth from drifting out of position. They can also restore the capability to chew and speak properly. These false teeth are known as pontic and different types of materials can be used to make them, like gold, porcelain, alloys or a mixture of such materials.

Types of Dental Bridges

The dentist uses three to four different kinds of dental bridges. They are traditional, Maryland, cantilever, and implant-supported. Talking about traditional dental bridges it is the most popular type in the dental bridges segment. It consists of false teeth being gripped in place by dental crowns that have been strengthened onto each abutment tooth. In regards to Maryland, bonded bridges are also known as resin-bonded bridge and employs a framework of either porcelain or metal, which is tied against the backs of the abutment teeth.

Cantilever dental bridge, the pontic, or artificial tooth. This dental bridge is held by a dental crown cemented to a single abutment tooth. Only a single tooth is required next to the missing tooth gap. This dental bridge can only be implemented when a person contains a natural tooth on each part of the gap caused by the absent tooth. The next one is the implant-supported dental bridge, considered the strongest and most stable method. There is a need for two surgeries: the first will embed the implants in the jawbone, and the second will be surgery to place the bridge.

Cost of Dental Bridges

There will be different factors on which the dentist will decide the cost. As mentioned above, there will be a variation in the cost of dental bridge type. The cost will also depend on the materials used, several teeth required to fill the gap, the affected area location, and the placement difficulty. Talk to your dentist about the exact cost of your dental bridge.

What is the Procedure of a Dental Bridge

Usually, dental bridge treatment requires at least two visits for the process. The time taken will be an hour to two hours. It will also be based on the practitioner’s ability. In the initial visit, the implants or anchor teeth of the patient will be shaped to prepare them for the crowns, which will grip the bridge in place.

When the first visit occurs, the teeth’ moulds will be transported to the dental lab, where a bridge will be made. The dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge to wear in such cases. This activity will safeguard the exposed teeth and gums while constructing the original dental bridge.

When you go to the second visit, the dentist will eliminate the temporary bridge and a new bridge will be checked and adjusted to obtain a standard fit. Some visits might be required to ensure the fit of the metal framework and bite. The condition can vary from patient to patient. If the dentist has placed a fixed bridge, he or she may temporarily cement it in place for a matter of some weeks in order to ensure it fits properly.

Ultimately, the bridge will be cemented in place after some weeks. There might be a condition where a dentist can decide to implement some changes according to the condition and case of the patient. There can be a variation in their procedure to fix a dental bridge. That’s why try to ensure you take proper information from the dentist before the procedure. It will prove helpful, and you will be able to understand the procedure that is taking place.

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