Flipper Tooth -Important Aspects To Have A Look


Suppose one of the teeth has been missed from the mouth due to some reasons, how will a
person manage to fill the gaps in his smile? One of the simplest options that are opened for such
a condition is a flipper tooth. It stands for a removable temporary tooth replacement where a
flipper is made up of a pink gum-colored acrylic with a replacement acrylic tooth.

When extraction takes place of the natural tooth, the site becomes sensitive and asks for some
time to heal. In such cases, you can hear a recommendation by the dental professional to go for a
flipper tooth until you get the permanent replacement, usually a dental implant.


A flipper tooth is supposed to be lightweight and removable dentures and usually works as a
temporary tooth replacement option. They keep the person from having to walk around with a
visible gap in the teeth for a matter of weeks or months. Along with that, an advanced ability to
bite and chew food is also delivered when a person waits for the denture or implants to come.

There are some other advantageous effects of a flipper on the oral health of a person. Like it is
helpful to lessen the condition of bone loss in the starting three to four months after a person
loses its tooth and that is the situation when bone worsening is most severe. They are also helpful
to avert any shifting of the teeth around a gap and assist to safeguard the wounds on the site of
lost or extracted teeth. The material from which a flipper tooth is mostly made up of acrylic resin
by which it becomes relatively inexpensive.


Just like a retainer, they are put in the patient’s mouth with the help of two steel wire clasps that
are enfolded around two of the natural teeth.

More Things To Know

Many dental patients like to have an installation of flipper teeth as compared to other cast
particles made up of metal, as it proves to be comfortable and aesthetically appealing.
Additionally, less time is required to form and fit the flippers as compared to a cast metal partial
because of the materials used.

Who Can Have It?

It is used by adults having the presence of a single missed tooth or the one who lost manifold
teeth that aren’t adjacent to each other. Some people may prefer to have flippers as a more
permanent solution for tooth loss. But there can be a situation where the dental professional
prefers to have flipper teeth for children who may have suffered damage to their front-facing

tooth and are waiting for the permanent teeth to arrive. If they are worn, this activity can prove to
help restore the self-confidence of a child during this period, which can be a crucial


With so many advantages of a flipper tooth, some drawbacks have also been linked to it. First of
all, there might be a feeling of discomfort in the mouth, particularly when it will be the initial
time. As a result, activities, like talking and eating, will be felt unnatural. Secondly, there might
be chances of gum disease and tooth decay if someone doesn’t clean the flipper tooth in a good

After that, the durability is supposed to be a bit weak as compared to other dentures and there are
chances to crack more easily. If someone faces a broken flipper, it will ask for a repair or a
replacement. One more thing to know in this segment is that there might be possibilities to be
allergic to the materials used to make the flipper tooth. To save yourselves from such problems,
try to discuss the history of allergy with the dental professional.


If someone takes help from a flipper tooth, they need to ensure its proper care. Just like any other
retainer, it is crucial to clean the flipper tooth every day for eliminating bacteria and small pieces
of food. Ask the doctor about the measures that require to be adopted during such conditions and
consult any related queries regarding flipper tooth. When the flipper tooth has been adjusted in
the mouth and causing pain or discomfort, or even if it feels loose, try to visit the dentist for an

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