Tooth pain is a condition when the nerve in the root of the tooth is irritated. There are various reasons which cause tooth pain such as infection, injury, decay or damaging of the tooth. Now the question is how to relieve tooth pain? There are various remedies available to relieve this pain which will further be discussed. However, sudden toothaches can be very painful that cannot even let you visit the dentist. If we talk about toothache symptoms then the most common is a sharp pain in your tooth. At times, you may also experience inflammation or irritation in your gums.

Tooth pain can be very irritating or may become a larger issue like tooth decay. If it is not treated early then it can take a serious turn. If you notice a fever or trouble breathing then you may need a doctor because the issue can be more serious. We know that tooth pain is not one which can be avoided or ignored. We will discuss some remedies for toothache that can give you instant relief from the pain.

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If you have a sharp or dull pain in your tooth then you can try clove oil. It is the most common remedy to help with pain in your tooth. Cloves contain strong chemicals that can give you instant relief. Apart from this, you can go for peppermint essential oil as it includes menthol which has antibacterial property.

As you are looking for instant pain relief then you can try garlic. It doesn’t only make food tastier but it can also help you to ease the pain in your tooth. It consists of antibacterial property that can minimize the pain in an effective manner. Chew a piece of raw garlic or you can rinse your mouth with garlic water.

Toothache Medicines

Toothache medicines or treatment depends on the reason for pain and the magnitude of damage in the tooth. Generally, for treating toothache you should visit the dentists to remove any infection or decay in your tooth. If the tooth cavity is small then the dentist will remove the decay and it will fill and seal. If an individual has a deep cavity then root canal treatment will be adopted by the doctor. This process removes the vital contents of the tooth and inner aspect of the tooth is sealed with filling.

If the tooth infection is spread then your dentist may suggest antibiotic therapy to drain the infection. For a periodontal abscess, your dentist may adopt a simple drainage process under local anesthesia.

Moreover, the dentist also cleans the affected gum to remove any debris. If you have any tooth fracture or cracks then dental crown treatment is suggested by the doctor. At the place of the missing tooth, a crown will be replaced. This process will help you to protect the weakend tooth from sensitivity or breakdown.

How to relieve tooth pain?

In order to relieve tooth pain, home remedies for tooth infection are available. Normally, home remedies are effective on a temporary basis to decrease severe pain. But it will not cure the problem on a permanent basis. How to relieve tooth pain on an instant basis? Oral pain medicine can be used to treat instant pain. Apart from this, over the counter pain medicines can help you to provide relief in pain. If you have extreme pain in tooth then you can try home remedies like salt and hot water.

It is the easiest remedy that can be used at home to decrease the tooth pain. You just need to take hot water and mix salt in it and then rinsing will help you in relieving pain. Besides this, ice can also help you to ease the tooth pain. Putting ice wrapped in a cloth and compress on outside and inside your mouth can help you in pain relief. Even you can also use vanilla, almond or lemon extract by soaking a cotton ball. Put it on a painful area and leave it for some minutes.

It will help you relief the tooth pain in an effective manner. Last but not the least; you can try other oils to reduce the tooth pain. Oils like sunflower, sesame, clove or tea tree can cut down the pain.

In order to get emergency toothache relief, you need to visit a doctor. The action will be based on the severity of your condition. You can get relief with two methods i.e. from tooth surgery or tooth medication.

At the initial level, your dentist may give you medicines that will help you treat instant pain. If you are consuming over the counter pain relievers then first you should consult a doctor. Without consultation, if you intake any medicine, it may have negative side effects. For good dental health, you should visit the dentist every six months.

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