Bad Breath: What Are the Causes & Symptoms? How To Treat It?

Bad Breath

Bad Breath is a common dental issue. It can cause severe psychological distress if you suffer from bad Breath. Bad Breath is also called ‘Halitosis.’ It can be embarrassing, and in some situations, it also becomes the reason for stress. Some foods, health problems and habits are reasons for Bad Breath. You can improve bad Breaths through regular dental cleaning.

Causes : Bad Breath

Tobacco: Products made with Tobacco cause bad mouth odor. They also boost the risks of gum disease, which causes terrible prolonged dental and gum problems.

Food: Food particles stuck in the teeth can cause Bad Breath, for Example – Garlic and Onions, etc. when foods break down, particles are stuck between teeth, which increases bacterial infection and cause a foul odor.

Dry Mouth: Saliva cleans the mouth naturally. There may be situations where you have a condition that results into a dry mouth causing bacteria build-up, which results in having bad breath.

A condition called dry mouth or xerostomia can contribute to bad Breath.

Disease: Liver failure, many types of cancers, and other metabolic disorders may cause Bad Breath due to particular mixes of chemicals.

Medications: Some medications can lower saliva and increase the chances of odors. Drugs can make odors as they break down and leave chemicals in the Breath.

Symptoms :

  • A white coating on the tongue.
  • Thick saliva and a constant need to clear your throat.
  • Regular sour and Bitter metallic taste.
  • Build up around teeth.
  • Post-nasal drip or mucous.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Bad Breath in the Morning and a burning tongue.

How To Treat Bad Breaths?

To treat Bad Breath, you may follow the tips as shown here:

  • It would help to brush your teeth and gums at least twice daily before and after consuming food.
  • Flossing daily will result in good oral health.
  • Visiting your doctor for regular tooth cleaning
  • If you have dentures, make sure to always clean them
  • After having strong-smelling food and drinks, you can use sugar-free mints or chewing gum and an antibacterial toothpaste or mouthwash.
  • You have to use a fluoride toothpaste. You can consult your dentist regarding the fluoride toothpaste.
  • Clean your tongue at least once daily using a tongue cleaner or scraper.
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