Amalgam VS Composite Filling-Essential Things to Know

Two different kinds of materials are available in the case of a dental filling, namely composite
resin and amalgam. Both of which are productive to treat cavities and assist the mouth to prevent
the spread of decay. But there is a query regarding which material to choose while having a
process of filling. There might be a thought in the mind of some people that it doesn’t matter
which kind of material we choose, but this is a fact that the thing does matter. We will firstly try
to separate both of the materials and talk about their pros and cons that will deliver you an idea
about which one is best over the other.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam can be identified as a mixture of metals that proves to be the most popular and
efficient filling material for a long time in dentistry. Sometimes it is said to be silver amalgam
but it actually contains a combination of metals like silver, tin, mercury, and copper and there
can be a small presence of palladium, indium, and zinc. This kind of filling proves to be less
costly if we compare it with other materials. It contains nice durability and considered as a
superior choice for filling when there is a presence of large cavities or the one which is present in
the back teeth where a lot of force is required to chew. One of the specialties of amalgam is that
it hardens with a quick approach by which it becomes productive in those parts that are
problematic to keep dry during placement like below the gum line. This kind of filling also
proves to be an effective material for kids because it asks for less time to place than tooth-
colored fillings.
Lots of people in today’s world are using amalgam fillings. But there are some drawbacks which
do not look pleasant to some people. When amalgam fillings are delivered to a person, there
might be a feeling of sensitivity. Along with that, it proves to be noticeable which means that
they appear as large, and some silver spots may look noticeable to others. It has also been said
that amalgam fillings can weaken the natural tooth and if this kind of a condition takes place, the
tooth may break, shatter or split in half. One of the cons that looks unpleasant to many people is
that amalgam fillings can lead to some possible health risks that can range from autoimmune
disease to even cancer. Along with health issues, a person may have to face allergies if they are
sensitive to metals. When someone completes the procedure of amalgam fillings, they will have
to follow a variety of instructions as said by the dentist like avoiding different types of foods and

Composite Fillings

They are also known as tooth-colored fillings applied to repair a tooth that has been affected by
fractures, cracks, decay, etc. The area which has been decay or affected will be eliminated and
composite filling will be inserted in that part. Along with amalgam fillings, this kind of filling is

also widely used in today’s time. Just because they are introduced in tooth-colored, a person can
have a close color like their existing teeth and this kind of fillings are more aesthetically suited
for the front-facing teeth or the areas which are visible to others. If there is a presence of decayed
teeth, worn teeth, chipped teeth, closing spaces between the teeth or cracked teeth, composite
fillings can be implemented. The dentist will numb the part of your mouth and remove the decay
as necessary. After that, space will be cleaned and prepared carefully before the new filling will
take place. If the decay is present near the tooth’s nerve, the dentist may deliver a special
medication for added protection. After that, a composite filling will be placed, shaped and
polished and restoring the tooth of the patient to its original shape and function. There might be a
feeling of experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold when it will be placed first and will go when
the tooth gets used to the new filling.
Some cons are also linked to composite fillings which will be discussed. The cost of composite
fillings proves to be elevated than other filling materials. It also contains a shorter lifespan and
will stay for about five to eight years. The procedure of this kind of filling will ask for a longer
time. It is because the oral health practitioner will have to prepare the tooth. After that, he will
mix the solution of composite resin to create the correct shade and then place it in the tooth.
Then there will be a bonding process to stick the material to the tooth.

Things To Consider At The Time Of Getting A Material For Dental Filling

In order to determine which kind of material will be the best option, you can discuss it with your
dentist by asking the pros and cons. Along with that, some other things are also there which
requires to be taken into account as the location of the filling. Remember, there will be a
requirement of stronger material when the cavities are present on the biting surface of the teeth
as compared to surface cavities in front of the mouth. The choice of a dental filling also depends
on the size of the cavity. If there is a presence of larger cavities, the dentist will have to use a
stronger material for the filling so that it will work as the stabilizer of the tooth. Also, try to make
sure that you discuss your dental history with the dentist as such things also prove to be
necessary for these conditions. In the end, try to remember that the best dental filling is no dental
filling. If a person is dedicated towards prevention, he or she will not have to face such kinds of
problems. Brushing and flossing are two of the important tools to prevent cavities from the teeth.
You can also visit the dentist for around two times in an annual cycle for a check-up. Try to eat a
balanced diet and make sure to rinse the mouth after some time especially when you eat
something sugary or sticky.

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