17 Foods That Can Prove To Be Worst For The Oral Health


Maintaining oral health can be considered as one of the important aspects of a person’s life. If there is a lack of attention in oral health,  there can be different types of problems which a person can face.  Almost all of us have been taught to brush our teeth nicely so that it could protect us from different types of germs that can encourage some problems in oral health. Not everybody has the same concern about keeping their mouth healthy and do not have a concern about those things that can prove to bring some problems in oral health.

Numerous aspects of our daily lives can cause an adverse impact on the health of our mouth. We have been gifted with so many varieties of foods that our tongue likes but sometimes we don’t take in consideration that some of the things can prove to create bad oral health. So here we are mentioning some of the 17 foods that can negatively impact the health of our mouth.

1.  Candy

 Almost all of us love candy dating back to our childhood days, there is a delicious taste behind those candies. But only a few people pay attention towards its negative impacts on the mouth.   Those candies which are sticky and extra chewy, they can stick to our teeth for a long matter of time and allow the bacteria to eat leisurely on the deposited sugar.

2. Soda

Drinking sugary sodas can be responsible to create cavities. It is said that sugar is not appropriate for oral health but many people don’t have an idea that the acids present in carbonated soft drinks can harm the teeth more than sugar. If someone contains a habit to drink soda, they should only consume it during a meal instead of sipping all through the day.

3. Wines

Drinking wine is not only unhealthy to your health, but it can also make a negative impact on the color of teeth as well. Wine proves to be acidic, and one of the varieties of wine, that is, red wine can make the teeth stained and the bacteria can make the mouth dry that worsens the stains. Those who are seriously protective towards their oral health must avoid drinking wine and other alcoholic drinks.

4. Sports Drinks

This word can sound a bit healthy, but one important thing to know is that the top ingredient added in many energy and sports drinks is sugar. However, it can be helpful for young athletes engaged in various physical activities, but there is a need to avoid these types of drinks unnecessarily as it contains sugar that can bring some problems in the health of the mouth.

5. Dried fruits

Many people are indulged in taking healthy snacks like dried fruits. Undoubtedly, they can provide benefits to our overall health but when it comes to oral health, there can be some problems. One of the problems is that most of the dried fruits contain a presence of high sugar and are very sticky that can stick to our teeth and create problems.

6. Popcorn

 Popcorn is a snack that you see a lot in the cinemas as well as some other occasions. Many people love to have this kind of snacking but it can pose some danger to our teeth. One of the reasons is that they are sticky and get trapped between our teeth by which bacteria get a chance to enhance their growth. Those which are unpopped, kernels can also prove to be bad for your teeth as they are too hard to eat and can  damage the enamel and chip off a tooth.

7. Coffee

 It is a fact that the stains of coffee can prove to be more persistent than the stains of tobacco.  Those who are coffee lovers will somehow disappoint by this statement. But, if they want to make their teeth healthy and white, they must restrict drinking this beverage. If it is served in its natural form without adding sugar to it, it can prove to be a healthy beverage choice.

8. Breath Mints

If you have a habit of taking breath mints for fresh breath, we must tell you that this is not a good option. It is because they stay in our mouth for a long time by which a person comes in the effect of soaking the teeth in sugar.

Instead of going for these types of things, one can try to have sugar-free options for minimizing the danger. You also need to stay away from cough drops that are high in sugar as they stay in your mouth for a long period by which there can be a potential for dental damage. So try to find cough drops that are sugar-free so that it will not participate in promoting any dental problems.

9. Ice

Many people love to eat raw ice. Undoubtedly it is sugar-free, and there can be a joy of eating this solid thing. But one important thing to know about eating ice is that it can cause major damage to the health of your teeth. At the time of eating ice, there can be a risk of the teeth getting cracked or breaking. 

11. Crackers

Crackers containing a presence of refined carbohydrates convert to sugar in our mouth at a quick rate. It provides chances for the cavity-forming bacteria to feed. Another thing is that they become squashy at the time of chewing and later turn into a paste-like goop which builds up in the molars of our mouth and lodges between the teeth. In order not to have any problems with eating crackers to the oral health, it is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene that will compensate for almost anything.

12. Canned fruits

There are a lot of fruits that have a ton of natural sugars. But regarding canned fruits, they come into our mouths with a lot of added sugar. This is such a type of activity that must not be tolerated when the thing is about the health of your teeth. Canned citrus fruits can sometimes prove to be worst for oral health when they have combined with very high sugar content and naturally contained acids.

13. Starchy foods

Different types of starchy foods can easily become lodged in crevices and between the teeth, like potato chips, white slices of bread, etc. However, they are not as dangerous as sugar, but one important thing to know about starch is that they initiate to convert the sugar almost immediately by the pre-digestive procedure, which begins in the mouth through the enzymes in saliva.

14. Bread

Bread can be another reason to create a negative impact on the health of our mouths. When we chew the bread, our saliva breaks down starches into sugar. When becoming a gummy paste-like substance, it sticks to the crevices between our teeth, allowing cavities to occur inside our teeth. Instead of taking loaves of bread, you can make it in an option of less refined varieties like whole wheat that contains less added sugars.

15. Energy drinks

It has been said that energy drinks are the most acidic beverages compared to sodas and sports drinks. It is because the intake of energy drinks can give rise to cavities.

16. Citrus

We all know that numerous kinds of citrus fruits are healthy and tasty. But talking about oral health, their acid content can erode enamel and make the teeth more prone to decay. However, citrus fruits cannot be blamed as one of oral health problem’s major culprits. The citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and others. But there is a need to stay cautious and follow healthy instructions.

17.  Alcohol

Alcohol can be said as one of the enemies of the human body. It is because it can adversely impact different parts of our body. In the same way, it can cause dehydration and dry mouth. Those who indulge in drinking alcohol may find their saliva flow diminishing over time. It can become the reason for tooth decay as well as some oral infections like gum disease. Even it can also enhance the chances of mouth cancer.

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