Wisdom Tooth Removal in Glendale CA

Tooth extractions are most common for wisdom tooth removal, since the growth of wisdom teeth may cause overcrowding and tooth misalignment. Wisdom teeth may also become impacted, or stuck inside your gums without erupting or growing into your mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, infections, and cysts that damage other teeth. For this reason, it may be advisable to extract wisdom teeth before they negatively affect your dental health. If you are located in Glendale CA or neighboring cities, contact us for a consultation.

Extractions – Site preservation

However, extractions may also be necessary for other dental conditions such as irreversible tooth damage or periodontal disease. Extractions are the least desirable procedures and are the last diagnoses we want to make, but sometimes, the tooth at hand is too damaged and the only option is to remove it.

Tooth Extraction Procedures

Tooth extraction usually involves injecting anesthetic into a patient’s mouth before removing the tooth. Simpler extraction procedures involve dentists wiggling a tooth loose while removing it with a forceps. More complex extractions will require the skills of an oral surgeon who will make an incision in your gums to remove the tooth.

Nevertheless, Dr. Andre Eliasian and his team will ensure that your experience throughout the extraction process is as smooth as possible. Dr. Eliasian and his assistants are skilled dental professionals with experience performing treatments such as wisdom tooth extractions in Glendale, CA and wisdom tooth extractions for Burbank residents. Elite Dental Group is also a client-friendly clinic and part of the group of dentists that accepts PPO insurance and the group of dentists open on Saturdays in Glendale, CA, Burbank, and surrounding areas such as Pasadena, Tujunga, La Crescenta, Tujunga, and La Canada. We ensure a pain-free process that includes follow-up visits to check in on you.

Extractions are necessary in cases of:

* Impacted wisdom teeth
* Advanced gum disease
* Below gum line tooth fracture
* Severe tooth decay