What To Do When Facing A Cracked Tooth?

Are you facing a condition of a cracked tooth and want to make it repaired?Elite Dental Group can surely assist you with this services. We are here to present you with our dental knowledge regarding various issues that pertain to a cracked tooth. Almost all of us have an idea about the importance of teeth. We need to take proper care to make them healthy and protected. Remember any part of the teeth can get cracked and may be displayed to other people.

If you have pains while eating or drinking warm or cold foods and beverages, then chances of a cracked tooth are high. Those who want to recover their cracked teeth can make an appointment with us and we will assist them with our dental expertise.

The beginning of a cracked tooth can take place from the chewing surface of a tooth’s root. In that condition, a person may experience severe pain or intermittent discomfort. Even if there is a presence of a small crack in the teeth and it isn’t causing you any kind of pain, don’t leave the condition untreated as a small crack can open the path of infection. It will be a wise choice if you come to us as we will try to solve the issue by taking X-ray of the tooth in order to determine the degree of damage and the course of action will be provided accordingly.

For a dentist, it becomes easy to treat that cracked tooth which seems to be entirely above the gum line and doesn’t expose to the tooth’s pulp. There are some options like fixing a crown, veneer or a tooth-colored filling material that can be applied depending on the crack size.If you are faced with a severe cracked tooth that reaches the nerve, you will be two options, a root canal treatment and a crown when the crack exposes the pulp.

Elite Dental Group will deliver its assistance in various cases of a cracked tooth. Sometimes it becomes hard to save the cracked teeth which expand beneath the gum line and into the roots. In many cases, the symptoms of cracked teeth don’t get noticed to a person. Even some of the cracks are counted as harmless and no requirement of treatment is there. But if someone notices symptoms like pain while eating, especially when biting or chewing, swollen gums around the cracked tooth, pain which tends to appear and go, discomfort around the teeth and gums which seems to be hard to pinpoint, or teeth which have become sensitive to sweetness suddenly.

If there has been a presence of sudden temperature change in the mouth, it may also bring the problem of a cracked tooth. For example, when someone has dranka hot beverage which burns their mouth and they try to drink a glass of cold water to pacify the pain, the temperature difference might lead to a cracked tooth. So these are the things which we need to have a look regarding the cracked teeth.

Sometimes it becomes a bit tricky for us to diagnose the cracked tooth. At the time of examination, there might be a check-up of the signs of inflammation as cracks in the teeth tend to irritate the gums. For some patients, there might be a requirement to let them bite down on something to attempt and pinpoint the source of pain.

Try to reach our office in case you have a cracked tooth especially when you are suffering from pain and discomfort. At Elite Dental Group, we offer emergency walk ins during business hours. The longer you keep the cracked tooth untreated, there will be difficulties for us to save the tooth. You can prevent the problem of a cracked tooth by avoiding the foods which are hard to chew, avoid habits like grinding or biting on pens and try not to clench the teeth. And if some problem appears regarding any dental condition, try to visit us and we are always ready to assist you.