Treatment Solutions for Sensitive Teeth ByELITE DENTAL GROUP

Does your tooth hurt while eating something hot or cold? We must tell you that there might be a presence of tooth sensitivity that is a common dental problem and one which can bring discomfort and pain inside the mouth. Elite Dental Group is here to assist you with our dental services which will also include treating sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is a problem that can happen to anybody, read the guide below for information on treatments, causes and more.

Being a reputable organization, we have made our readers aware about different things regarding tooth sensitivity. Like the first thing which requires to know is the causes behind sensitivity. There are a variety of things by which this problem can take place like brushing your teeth too hard. Sometimes people wish to make an effort on their teeth while brushing. They need to remember all such things can bring the problem of sensitivity. Another reason can be chipped or cracked tooth. If you’re facing this type of condition, you can visit our office as we will try to evaluate the tooth and deliver an alternative to treat the issue. Even if you have had a dental treatment recently and somehow there would have been a problem in placing the crown or extraction of a root canal, tooth sensitivity can take place in that case as well.

One important question that needs attention is that why do we brush our teeth! Well, one of the common answers will be to make our teeth clean. It is true but many people don’t know that clearing away the plaque which develops after eating is one of the main jobs of brushing and flossing. When a presence of extreme plaque seems to be there in the mouth, there can be anoccurrence of teeth sensitivity. So try to keep the mouth clean and if someone needs professional cleaning, they can come to ELITE DENTAL GROUP as we will ensure to solve your dental issues.

Teeth prove to be one of those things which will provide you many comforts, but will ask for some attention and care. Like those who grind their teethon a regular basis must know that this activity can wear down the enamel and thus problems of sensitivity can arise. That’s why don’t try to indulge in such activities and if there is a wish to get rid of this problem, we can present you mouth guards for better assistance.

Treatment Options

Those who are suffering from teeth sensitivity, one fortunate news is that it is counted as a treatable condition. There are many kinds of toothpaste available in the market that are particularly made for sensitivity-based problems. But, if you’re facing increased issues, don’t hesitate to come to our office as we will try to treat the cause behind the pain and discomfort.

According to the condition, there are different types of treatment options available like bonding, inlays or crowns. All such things are applied because they can prove to be productive in fixing the decay which causes sensitivity. If required, we might take help from surgical graft which will safeguard the root and lessen down the sensitivity if the gum tissue has worn down from the root. Those who are facing constant tooth sensitivity, there might be a need to perform a root canal treatment, which is a procedure in which issues are treated in the dental pulp of the teeth.

We are here to help you with different types of methods, but you also need to be attentive in your home related to the teeth protection. Try to make a distance from those things which are causing sensitivity. Along with that, make a habit to brush or floss at a minimum of two times daily, ideally in the morning and before going to bed. We recommend you to visit our dental office for a regular dental check-up at least twice a year as it will help remove out some problems and there might be an identification of some other dental problem so they will also get fixed on time to prevent future discomforts.