Things to Know About Broken Tooth

If you have been suffering from conditions like a fractured or broken tooth and wishing for someone who can treat this problem, you can make ELITE DENTAL GROUP as your priority. We offer emergency walk ins and appointments during our business hours.

Before we discuss any information on broken teeth, here is some helpful information about the general health of your teeth.. Enamel is considered as a hard substance and it is the outer layer of the tooth which is also termed as the hardest material in a human body. Its job is to safeguard the blood vessels and nerve tissues. So, one of the causes that can move towards decay and tooth problems is the cavities that might be responsible for breaking the teeth. If there is a presence of loosened fillings, biting into something hard or sports accidents can play a role in cracking the enamel or break the teeth. With a broken tooth, you will experience heightened sensitivity while drinking cold and hot water.

When you have a broken tooth, it needs to be treated as soon as possible so that the patient will be saved from further damage or complications. Some of the things that might cause you to break a tooth includeeating something hard, facial trauma following an accident, old or large amalgam fillings, where the residual structure of the natural tooth can become fragile over a time period, etc. There might not be a presence of any immediate pain after the tooth gets cracked. But when the break has traveled to the nerve, some people may feel occasional discomfort at the time of chewing, like sensitivity to hot or cold items.

Whether you have pain or not in your broken teeth, you need to visit the dentist’s office like us so that we will try to investigate the breaks to check out the condition and deliver a required course of treatment to avoid further problems. Talking about the treatment option, you may be wondering what treatments are available for a broken tooth?At Elite Dental Group we can provide numerous options one of which is by smoothing the edge of the teeth and inserting a tooth-colored filling in it. This activity will be productive in preventing the rough edge from cutting the lips or tongue of the patient.

We also might recommend the patient to insert crowns to fix the problem of a broken tooth. Crowns are helpful in different activities such as treating split molars, split roots or vertical breaks, or as a precaution against further cracks. There might be a necessity to remove the tooth particularly when the tooth has been decayed from the inside-out and is permanently broken. When you have faced the problem of broken teeth, try to visit the dentist as soon as possible or you can manage to come to our office if it seems to be nearer to your residence. There are some things which can be done in the meantime like try to rinse the mouth with warm or salt water or you can apply a cold compress to the cheek near the broken tooth. If there comes a need to eat something, prefer soft foods and avoid using the broken teeth to chew.

If the tooth has been broken, remember not to brush your teeth until you visit a dentist as brushing it carelessly can cause more damage than good. If you come to the dentist’s office like us, we will try to discuss the best method to repair the tooth.

Hopefully, at the time of reading our article, you are not suffering from the problem of a broken tooth. But with the help of reading related information, you would have gained the knowledge about the related things. Even if somebody known to you has been suffering from this problem, you can assist them immediately. And Elite Dental Groupis there for you in delivering its services for not only a broken tooth but for solving any kind of dental issue.