Teeth Whitening and Bleaching-Is It Safe And Effective?

By Elite Dental Group


All of us are required to have a good set of teeth in performing various everyday functions. They are helpful in enhancing the standards to our personality. Almost none of us would like to have discoloration in our teeth that look bad to us as well as other people. The reasons behind tooth discoloration can be many, but there are some teeth-whitening options available by which a person can whiten the teeth.

The discoloration in teeth may take place due to numerous reasons. The first thing is intrinsic discoloration that can happen because of aging, infection, medication use, childhood illness or tooth trauma. Intrinsic discoloration may require bleaching professionally for obtaining the same level or better of teeth whiteness. The next thing is extrinsic discoloration that is when various foods, beverages or smoking habits stain the teeth of a person. Staining can be due to the intake of foods with dyes, coffee, tea, and tobacco. This kind of discoloration can be treated with the help of whitening tooth pastes that target the outside stains of the teeth.

Teeth bleaching can be understood as whitening teeth beyond their original color. There can be different kinds of color shades a person can achieve in the case of discoloration. It has been said that tooth-whitening can work best in patient having yellow teeth and proves to be less-effective when people have a display of brown teeth. If there is a presence of color grey or purple, tooth bleaching might not work at all for you.

When a person visits the dentist’s office for teeth whitening, the dentist strives to deliver the highest quality whitening to obtain reliable and safe bleaching options. There are some options available to whiten the teeth at home, but it has been said that a person can expect long lasting results with the help of professional cleaning. If we talk about home-based whitening, they are comprised of lower concentrations of bleaching agents by which a person can’t achieve that kind of white shade which they can get from a professional dentist. Whitening strips, whitening trays and brush-on whiteners are some of those options which a person can purchase from stores for teeth whitening and use at home.

Whether a person goes for home tooth-whitening system, or have their teeth bleached by a dental professional, they can assist in maintaining the results with the help of keeping their oral hygiene healthy. Flossing, brushing, and rinsing are one of those methods by which a person can save their mouth from different oral health problems. Some things which requires to avoid include sports drinks, black teas and coffee, white and red wine, berries and other strongly-colored foods, etc. One of the limitations behind tooth bleaching is that it can make the teeth momentarily sensitive or may prove to be uncomfortable for those who already suffer from sensitive teeth.

Sometimes people do not wish to whiten their teeth with the help of a dental professional and desire to treat the condition on their home. If you also want to do the same, we will assist you by providing some suggestions that are helpful to take care of your smile. Firstly, making a habit of good oral hygiene is considered as the best ways in protecting the smile. There is a method of oil pulling that is a popular technique of Ayurveda. A person will have to swish a tablespoon of oil like coconut, sesame, or olive oil for around 15-20 minutes. This method is productive in picking out bacteria from the mouth.

The next thing we will talk about is baking soda. You can purchase products containing baking soda that will work on surface stains over time. Hydrogen peroxide has also proven to be the product that assists in changing the color of teeth. Turmeric is yet another natural product that can turn discolored teeth to pearly white. Remember that a person can opt for a certain way to whiten their teeth on one of more factors like the treatment method, its overall cost, the type of discoloration, age ( relates to children) and the dental history that involves crowns and fillings. Ask your dentist about teeth bleaching and whitening and things related to them.

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