Reasons Behind Teeth Grinding In Night-Aspects To Know About

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Grinding the teeth or clenching them occasionally can prove to be normal and typically it won’t cause damage, but when a person applies it on a regular basis, they don’t know it can harm their teeth and can able to put some oral health issues. Teeth grinding often take place at the time of sleep. Also known as bruxism, it is when a person moves their teeth forth and back during sleep.Teeth grindingcan lead to different problems. We have mentioned some causes as well as symptoms below that will assist you.

If you suspect this type of activity, there is a need to figure out why it is happening as it can provide nothing than different types of problems. Especially when teeth grinding is taking place at the time of sleep, you need to get information about those measures by which you can stop it.

Reasons Behind Teeth Grinding at Night

Behind Teeth Grinding
There are different types of reasons that a person might be grindingtheir teeth. Out of which the first one can be some medical conditions. Parkinson’s disease or Huntington’s disease can lead towards bruxism. Even some antidepressants can also lead to the same.

Another reason can be anxiety and stress. When a person worries in an excessive way, then he or she might be more likely to clench their jaw and work it back and forth whole through the night, resulting in wearing down the tooth. There is a need to keep you free from anxiety and stress, as these types of lifestyle modifications not only helps in eliminating problems like teeth grinding, but it also helps in delivering a healthy and peaceful life.

One of the common reasons behind teeth grinding can be problems related to teeth.So many people exist in this world have a set of teeth that aren’t lined up correctly or maybe having teeth which are crooked or missing. Occlusion is the word that is applied for the misalignment and states that the teeth don’t assemble when the jaw opens and closes. It can be due to a problem with the muscles around the jaw or the temporomandibular joint. Like if such facial muscles shudder at the time of sleep, there can be chances for a person to begin grinding their teeth.In order to get knowledge of whether this condition is causing tooth grinding, there are options like X-rays that can be taken by a dentist to provide a proper diagnosis.

Another factor that can increase the risk of bruxism can be age. It is because this condition has been said to be more common in young children, but generally goes away by adulthood. Even bruxism can also occur in families. If someone is facing this type of condition, there are chances that their family members may have the same or a history of it. One more factor that can relate with bruxism is the type of personality of a person. It means those who are hyperactive, aggressive or competitive can increase their risk of such things.

Symptoms of Bruxism

There are different types of symptoms regardingbruxism like teeth which are fractured, flattened, chipped or loose. There can be jaw, face or neck pain or soreness. A person can also feel increased tooth sensitivity or pain and sleep disruption. Other symptoms include a pain which feels like an earache, however, the problem does not relate to the problem with ear. There can be tight or tired jaw muscles. The jaw can also get locked that won’t get able to open or close completely.

How to Stop Grinding Teeth

Grinding Teeth
If there is a wish to stop grinding teeth, you can apply different types of remedies that will assist you. One of the things can be mouth guards that can prove productive for sleep bruxism. They are able to cushion the teeth and try to safeguard them from grinding against each other when a person sleeps. They can be custom-made in a dentist’s office.

You can indulge in exercise as it will help to relieve stress, and as we said previously that stress is a common cause of bruxism. Before bedtime, try to relax as anxiety is yet another cause to uplift the standards of bruxism. There are some things like alcohol and caffeine that can prove wrong in the sense of teeth grinding as it may get worse after having such items. Also eating on pens or pencils or hard items like them can allow the jaw muscles to get used to clenching, that will make it more likely to grind the teeth. When you realize you’re grinding your teeth, try to skip gum, popcorn, steak, and other chewy foods to a minimum as such types of products will make you more likely towards grinding the teeth.

There is a dental method known as reductive coronoplasty that may be applied in reshaping or leveling the biting surface of the teeth and may prove to be effective if teeth grinding has been due to a crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth.

Other Things to Know About Teeth Grinding

About Teeth Grinding
There can be a question from a person grinding the teeth that how he can identify this process. Well, grinding mainly takes place at the time of sleep, that’s why many people get unaware about the fact that they grind their teeth. We told you about the symptoms in the above section. One of the symptoms that a person may feel after waking up is a sore jaw or a dull, constant headache. Sometimes people get to know about teeth grinding from their loved ones who hear their voice of grinding at night.

Don’t try to take this procedure as lightly as it can result in loosening, fracturing, or loss of teeth. That’s why try to make yourselves out from this problem as soon as possible. We told you about various things by which a person can make efforts in tostop teeth grinding. But if the condition is supposed to be out of control, don’t wait for any other thing and go to consult your dentist to find out the best options available for your case.

It has been said that vitamin deficiency like calcium or magnesium can be linked to teeth grinding. That’s why a person needs to take care of his body by taking a well-balanced and nutritious diet and a multivitamin diet if required.

If kids are facing problems like bruxism, whether the cause is psychological or physical, they might get able to control this condition by relaxing before going to bed. Like having a warm bath or indulging in some good hobbies, for instance, reading a book. If bruxism has been done by stress in kids, you need to ask them about the thing which is upsetting them and try to find a way to assist them. It is said that most kids stop grinding when they eliminate their baby teeth. But some kids can carry on grinding till adolescence. And if stress is the cause behind bruxism, it will remain until the stress eases. That’s why try to talk with the kids, let them speak about their problems so that you could understand their feelings and assist them in dealing with stress.

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