The 10 Best Practices for Healthy Teeth and Gums

By Elite Dental Group


Different people have different perspectives. Many people are very much conscious of their health while a lot of population in this world do not give that much importance. Like in the case of a teeth’s health, we will see various thoughts of people.

Some people know about the importance of their teeth and do care in a good manner, some are those who know everything but do not give importance and some people have a lack of knowledge about the wellness of teeth. With the help of this blog, you can fetch some ideas about keeping your teeth healthy. Here are some of the best tips given below which can help anybody to maintain their teeth’s health.

  1. Brushing- The Most Important Thing

You might have faced a time when your elders have suggested you brush before going to bed. If you had not taken that thing seriously, we must tell you that this suggestion is one of the finest ways to restrict tooth problems. We generally brush for at least once in a day, basically in the morning time, but do not care about going for the same before sleep at night. Whatever we eat, some particles of food or other thing remains in our mouth which is responsible for producing various types of tooth diseases.

That’s why it is healthy advice to brush twice a day for at least a matter of two minutes. You may brush after taking a meal to protect your teeth’s health, at least after 30 minutes. Try to clean the portion of the tongue as well because plaque can take shelter there. This will not only lead to bad mouth odor but can also give rise to other oral health problems. Appreciate the brushing of the tongue every time you brush your teeth.

  1. Drink Adequate Water

Drink Adequate Water
Water can play a nice role in maintaining oral health. The more you drink water, the more it will be beneficial for your oral health. Water is helpful in removing some of the negative effects of acidic and sticky foods as well as beverages from the mouth. It will wash away food particles from the lips, teeth, tongue, and gums. If you have taken any beverage, it will clear out the sugary as well. Make a habit to gargle or rinse the mouth with water after taking the meal.

  1. Keep Away From Smoking

Keep Away From Smoking
Many people have a habit to smoke things like cigarette, cigar, etc. This can result in making the teeth yellowish-coloured and providing bad breath. Smoking is also responsible for making the mouth breather and affecting the production of saliva, which can affect the teeth.

  1. Take Balanced And Healthy Diet

Take Balanced And Healthy Diet
Our teeth also ask for minerals and nutrition to sustain their health. Things like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, fluoride and vitamin D are one of the most crucial nutrients for the teeth. They are helpful in working together to save the teeth from root to crown, also to strengthen and build tooth enamel.

  1. Give Priority To Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride Toothpaste
Fluoride is considered as one of the leading defences against tooth decay. Try to opt toothpaste that has a presence of fluoride in it. It is helpful in fighting with germs that can lead to decay. This mineral has a tendency to slow down the bacteria and making the surface of the teeth more resistant. Along with that, fluorides are able to heal microscopic cavities before they turn into real cavities.

  1. Take Quick Action When Symptoms Are Visible

Quick Action
Excessive tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums or discoloured teeth may have underlying causes. If something unusual is happening with your teeth, try to inform your dentist with an immediate effect so that he could treat the disease before it takes a larger face.

  1. Go For Dental Check-up At Regular Basis

Dental Check-up At Regular Basis
Dentists are always there for you to assist with different oral health problems. However, if you will try to keep your teeth healthy, you will not have to knock their doors so often, but it is better to make a visit twice in a dozen months to ensure that no disease is taking place in your mouth.

  1. Try To Lessen The Use Of Sticky, Sweet Or Dark Coloured Foods

Sweet Or Dark Coloured Foods
Things like ice cream, toffee, candies, pastries, cakes, dried fruits, caffeine, red sauces, and soda can feed bacteria and uplift the chances of tooth decay. It is not easy to ignore all such things especially if you like them, but you can minimize the usage of them regarding teeth’s health. In the mouth, sugar converts into acid that can erode the teeth’s enamel. Such types of acids particularly uplift the possibility of cavities. Those who have diabetes are more susceptible towards the effects of tooth decay and gum disease, so it is better for them to take a lower-carb and lower-sugar diet.

  1. Avoid Biting Or Chewing Non-Food Objects

Avoid Biting
Many people have a habit to bite their nails with teeth or chewing the upper portion of a pen while handling into the hand. Performing these types of things can abrade their tooth enamel, especially the teeth’s biting surfaces, and result in enamel loss and tooth wear. Even grinding or clenching can also result in attrition which is a type of wear caused by the contact to teeth-to-teeth. If it happens, the dentin will be exposed and the person might experience severe tooth sensitivity.

  1. Maintain A Good Dental Hygiene Right From The Beginning

Good Dental Hygiene
Adults must need to tell their children about the importance of teeth so that they could brush regularly and take care of their oral health. Children are mainly fond of those things that can provide some damage to their teeth. That’s why it becomes the duty of elders to guide them what is right or wrong for them. We must not restrict them from eating those types of things completely, but it is necessary to make their habit of brushing for at least twice a day or cleaning the mouth completely after eating. So that will lead towards a healthier life of their teeth.

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