Sleep Apnea

This condition is distinguished by pauses in breathing that put off air from flowing into or out of the airway of a sleeping person. Those who face sleep apnea are awakened frequently in the night time gasping for breath, occasionally over 50 times per hour. But the thing is that such awakenings are not remembered as they are of a few seconds only.

Those who contain untreated sleep apnea contain a risk of getting diabetes, depression, hypertension, stroke, reflux, arrhythmias, etc. The good thing for people affected with this problem is that it can be treated. Those who snore loudly, particularly those which have been monitored to have momentary lapses in gasping or breathing for air; they need to consult their problem with their dentist to check whether they’re having sleep apnea.


If someone snores with a frequent basis, even so much loud that it can be heard in another room, there can be chances of sleep apnea. Even if someone has a child who snores, a lady who is pregnant and sore, those who wake up gasping for air or if someone feels sleepy during the day, it is better to consult with their doctor.