A series of removable, comfortable and invisible series is being used in Invisalign which no one can tell you’re wearing so that you can smile more during and after the treatment. Invisalign adopts the 3-D imaging technology which has been proven to be effective.

Why Get Invisalign?

Aligners are invisible as well as removable so that a person can eat and drink of their choice during the treatment. Along with that, you’ll not have to face difficulties in brushing and flossing. They also prove to be comfortable. It is because there’s not metal which will cause mouth abrasions at the time of treatment. With an absence of metal and wires, there are healthier chances to face less time in the dentist’s clinic for getting adjustments. Invisalign is also able to allow the patient in visualizing their own virtual treatment plan when you begin so that you will be able to view how your straight teeth will look after the completion of treatment.

Process Of Invisalign

Each set of aligners will be worn for near about 2 weeks, and they will be removed only at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. When each aligner is replaced with the next in the series, there will be a movement in the teeth with a slower process. It will take some weeks until they get straightened to their final position. There might be a requirement to visit your dentist for at least once in every 10 weeks in order to ensure the treatment is advancing as planned. Nearly 9 to 15 months will be required in the overall treatment and about 18 to 30 aligners will be worn at the time of treatment as an average. Though, it can vary from case to case.