Dental Braces for Adults

Many people in this world are fond of maintaining their personality with a serious touch. Lots of things are responsible for adding beauty to the personality of a person. Out of which teeth can be considered as one of the essential things. As every person differs from another one, their qualities do not match up as well. The same procedure is there to explore in the case of teeth. Not everybody has an attractive pair of teeth to improve their personality standards.

A Beautiful smile has a direct correlation with your teeth. They add stars and shine into your smile. It is better to take special care of our teeth right from an early age. But what if something is wrong with them? Not everybody has a perfect set of teeth, especially those which displays the front side. For this reason, a person tries to consult a dentist and many patients are advised to keep wiring on their teeth, commonly known as braces.

But the actual thing is that the process of bracing takes a long time to settle the teeth into a nice touch. Those who have faced a healthy time with braces know how long they stick with the teeth to provide strengthened shape.

That is why accelerated propel orthodontics has been introduced by the dentistry in this advanced world. The term propel works with the natural bone remodeling process of the body to accelerate the process of treatment. It gradually works with both Invisalign and traditional braces. This allows the teeth to move with better smoothness. In most of the cases where accelerated propel orthodontics is applied, the duration of treatment cuts in half.


  • With the help of this technology, patients get able to straighten their teeth. Propel encourage bone remodelling and it allows the teeth to move predictably and faster into their suitable position.
  • This technology deal with the own biology of a patient by prompting a bone surrounding the teeth.
  • Patients get a facility to finish their treatment within less time with a combination of exceptional results and with fewer treatment visits.
  • It is considered as one of the innovative devices to shift the teeth rapidly.
  • This system adopts a procedure named as alveocentesis to make orthodontic systems such as traditional braces more adequate. The term Alveocentesis encourage the formulation of alveolar bone in mandible and maxilla, both upper and lower jaws, so as teeth changeover into alignment, the bone which holds the teeth in place can adjust suitably in shifting of teeth.
  • Adults are approaching more towards the variety of orthodontic treatments in an increasing number to straighten their teeth.
  • Accelerated Propel Orthodontics system is there to assist in healing the tissues and shifting of the teeth with a faster response as compared to the orthodontic treatment.
  • It proves relatively painless for those who go with this option and can be performed within some minutes.
  • It makes both Invisalign and traditional braces more accomplished.
  • This type of treatment contains less discomfort. The recovery time is fast and one can be able to return in their daily normal routine with an immediate effect. There are some biological, clinical and physiological differences between adults and children regarding this orthodontic treatment. Regarding adults, they have more particular concerns and objectives regarding dental and facial aesthetics. Even though they are more prone to periodontal complications since their teeth are constrained in non-malleable alveolar bone.

Things to Remember

Propel is more beneficial for those adults whose teeth shift at a slower rate and have less bone development. At the time of placing braces into the mouth, a responsible doctor will suggest you about do’s and don’t along with some tips to care the braces as well as teeth. Here are some suggestions to follow at the time of opting accelerated propel orthodontics.

At the time of leaning into the process of accelerated propel orthodontics, one must take care about the food that they eat during the treatment period. Avoid that type of meal that can affect any damage to your teeth. Along with that, cleaning your teeth on a regular basis becomes crucial.

One must be punctual in attending the appointments with their doctor. If such actions are not taken, they might become responsible to slow down the teeth strengthening process. During the strengthening process, teeth face a lot of pressure. That is why it becomes essential to keep far away from those things that can create any undue pressure like grinding the teeth and biting down hard.

Try to relax the jaw especially when it feels tightening up. It generally occurs at the time of sleeping. So, try to consult with your orthodontist and ask for some tips to prevent it.

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