What Are Immediate Dentures?


Immediate dentures can be identified as a removable denture. The words show a lot about them as they can be inserted with an immediate effect on the patient’s mouth after teeth removal.
Along with that, a person is provided a chance to eat and speak with the new teeth immediately.


One of the advantages following immediate dentures is that the patient can walk away with a full
smile on the exact day when the removal of natural teeth has taken place. Those having a
condition of total teeth extractions can have this kind of treatment options. Such types of
dentures are chosen by patients who aren’t able or unwilling to accept oral implants and deliver a
nice solution to keep away from going without a prosthesis following dental extractions.

Apart from such things, one added benefit to those who shy to face the public without teeth is
that they will never require to appear in front of them without teeth. It is also easier to copy the
natural teeth’s color and shape while some are still there in the mouth. When a dental
professional performs the practice of immediate dentures during extraction, it tries to safeguard
the tissues and diminish bleeding. It is also helpful in minimizing facial distortion which can take
place in cases when teeth are eliminated from the mouth and will also permit the teeth to chew
better as compared to an absence of teeth.

Comparison Of Immediate Dentures And Regular Dentures

Talking about regular dentures first, they are constructed from a mold after teeth extraction. In
such cases, a dental professional lets the patient’s gums mend after the operation. After that, the
dentures are inserted in the patient’s mouth which have been molded and fit for the oral cavity. There might be a requirement of some time for the dentures to get ready. When all such things
exist, fitting and potential adjustments will be there.

Now, moving towards immediate dentures, they are molded to the oral cavity of the patient
before extraction and fitted once the teeth have been pulled. One of the good things behind
immediate dentures is that a person can walk away with a complete set of teeth in their mouth.
But remember, there can be a condition for adjustments especially when the bones and gums


The method of immediate dentures differs from that of the conventional denture process as the
dentures are generated from mold before teeth pulling. In the initial time, the dentist will take
impressions of the natural teeth and gums to generate precise duplicate for placement when after
the tooth will be removed. When a day of extraction will come, the immediate dentures will be

inserted by which a person will be able to restore its smile. One of the crucial aspects that need to
consider is great care. The patient must follow the instructions guided by the dentist. There will
be a necessity of tissue conditioners or temporary linings to create a better fit and may require to
be adjusted or replaced multiple times at the time of the healing period. The dentist in some cases
may advise having a permanent reline or refitting to guarantee a proper and comfortable fit when
the healing process is completed.

Other Important Aspects To Identify

One important thing that comes in mind of many people is the cost of a procedure. In the case of
immediate dentures, the overall treatment proves to be a bit expensive if we compare it with
other conventional dentures. However the process proves to be rapid, but a person may be
required to visit the dentist’s office for adjustments and re-fitting. Regarding immediate dentures,
we must tell our readers that not everyone is a candidate to install them in the mouth. It is
because some people may not be preferred for such kind of a procedure because of some general
health conditions or particular oral problems.


Before getting immediate dentures, you need to discuss with the dentist whether you are eligible
or not for this kind of treatment. Also, make sure to solve out all the queries if someone has
decided to opt for immediate dentures. If they have been installed, follow the guidelines
prescribed by the dentist and take special care of the mouth.

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