Difference Between A Periodontist And Oral Surgeon


What happens when you realize that you have a fever? The answer is simple and straight. You
will visit the doctor. Then what will be your move when the issue is related to your bone or any
cardiac-related case? At that time you may approach an expert who has taken training in that
particular field and is specialized to solve such kind of issues.

The reason behind delivering the above statement is that medical science has been divided into
various categories where everybody has their role like nurses, compounders, doctors,
physiotherapists, surgeons, etc. In the same way, the department of dentistry also contains
professionals to handle different cases of oral health problems. In today’s section, we will try to
let your mind towards two categories of dentistry, i.e., oral surgeon and a periodontist and bring
some differences between them.

If someone wants to know the variation of these two professionals, this may appear a bit
confusing. It is because both of them can do oral practices yet dedicate themselves in various
aspects of dentistry. But we will try to cover the section of both these topics separately so that
the readers will understand their role in dentistry and what cases they can handle.


A periodontist is a specialized candidate in cases of oral implants and maintaining proper health
of hard and soft tissues in the mouth. You can simply understand that a periodontist can look
after the gums of a patient, which proves to be foundational support for the teeth. He takes
around three years of post-graduate degree after the completion of dental school.

A regular dentist will treat the case of early gum disease, but if the condition is extreme and
begins to worsen, and the patient is in the danger of developing periodontitis, that is an advanced
form of gum disease, there will be a requirement to visit the periodontist. In such cases, he can
review the condition and arrange a plan of action. A periodontist is only limited to gum disease,
he or she can also perform different treatments like root planning and scaling, or a root surface
debridement. He is enough qualified to surgically embed oral implants.

Oral Surgeon

In regards to an Oral Surgeon, they are the one who holds a specialty of various surgical
methods regarding the face, mouth, and jaw. An oral surgeon can also manage in operating
complex tooth extractions, fixing birth defects, treating traumatic jaws, and eradicating
cancerous tumors in the mouth. Apart from all such things, he can execute different forms of

Who to Refer to For Dental Implants?

The simple answer is a Periodontist. Implants can be identified as an artificial root that is placed
surgically in the jaw which holds a replacement tooth. It can be a good option for those having a
presence of lost teeth due to reasons like periodontal disease. One of their benefits is that they
display a natural look with the help of modern technology.

One of the things that need to be identified is that whether a person chooses an oral surgeon for
the installation of dental implants or whether he or she pursues help from a periodontist. Some
dentists deliver the facility of implants, but if they aren’t a periodontist, you need to know that
they haven’t undergone the extensive training to deliver the best results.

Difference Between A Periodontist And A Dentist

If we talk about the dentist and their teams, they can perform general teeth cleaning, non-surgical
periodontal care, tooth fillings/extractions, and general cosmetic care. Now, moving towards a
periodontist, he is also a dentist but contains some added specialties like diagnosis, treatment,
and prevention of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants and has taken
three years of additional training in the field of periodontal disease and its treatment.


By now you have learned the difference between a general dentist and a periodontist. Both of
them are similar in many ways, yet there are various things that deliver a difference between
them. One of our suggestions to the readers will be keeping good oral health. Make an effort to
indulge in some healthy practices that protect from various oral health problems. To know more
information regarding a dentist and a periodontist, you can consult a dental professional.

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