In medical terms, bad breath is also known as halitosis that may occur due to poor dental care or habits. This condition can be very embarrassing for an individual. While talking with someone it can frustrate you a lot. You might be thinking about what causes bad breath? Bad breath initiates mainly the food you keep in the mouth or you eat.

Adding garlic and onions to food can be delicious but make you have bad breath. The food you eat mainly causes bad breaths. For instance, if you intake garlic, coffee, spicy food then it will result in foul smell from your mouth. At times, some food particles left in your mouth between your teeth or in between your gums causes bad breaths.

Bad care will not affect your breath but also create gum disease. A lot of people have habits of chewing tobacco though they don’t know its implications. There are various reasons to avoid habit but the most are it causes bad breath.

We find losing weight is good for a healthy body but it breaks down the fats and releases the chemical. The impact of those chemicals can be on your breaths. When we stay busy and forget to drink water which makes our mouth dry. A dry mouth may cause bad breath if you don’t drink water your mouth loses its freshness. In fact, it can practically be seen, every morning when we wake up our mouth becomes smelly.

In addition to this, digestive issues may also make your mouth smelly because food indigestion leads to constipation and unfortunately order on the breath. At times, medicines may also be a reason of foul smell from your mouth. In many cases, people with poor oral hygiene may also have bad breath. However, it is a very common disorder due to which 2 to 5 millions of people are affected.


The odors of bad breath vary as it is based on the underlying cause. If we highlight the bad breath symptoms then dry mouth, white coating on tongue, thick saliva and constant need to clear throat are the top candidates. If you are experiencing these signs then you may have bad breath issues.


In order to figure out the bad breathe treatment, you need to practice good oral hygiene. If you are experiencing this issue from a long period then you need to take dentist help. They will assist you to detect the reason that causes bad breath and suggest the treatment accordingly. They may recommend you:

Toothpaste and mouth rinse: If your bad breath is due to bacteria then your doctor may suggest mouth rinse to kill the bacteria. Additionally, they may give you toothpaste that contains antibacterial agents so that it will kill bacteria.

Dental disease treatment:

If you experiencing gum disease then you need to meet gum specialist. This issue can lose the gums from teeth where bacteria can develop. At times, cleaning can also help you to overcome this issue.
There are certain diseases that cause bad breath among which Ketoacidosis can affect you a lot. Apart from this, infection, sinuses or inflammation in the nose also leads to bad breath.

There are 11 types of bad breath that can affect your health. Identifying the type will help you to find out the origin of this disorder.

What Causes Bad Breath From The Stomach?

Bad breath is associated with various causes among which it may occur due to stomach problems. Issues like ulcers and reflux diseases can lead to bad breath. An ulcer caused by bacteria like Helicobacter pylori which leads to bad smell from your mouth. Fortunately, antibiotics may remain effective to kill the bacterium which causes ulcers. Besides this, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is another cause of bad breath.

It occurs due to acid coming back from the esophagus that creates a burning sensation in the throat or chest. Patient with the mentioned issue may face other symptoms but needs proper treatment. With the help of proper, the issue of bad breath can be sorted out effectively.If you floss your teeth on a daily basis then it

What Causes Bad Breath Even After Brushing?

Causes Bad Breath will remove those food particles that missed by brushing. But if you brush and still having bad breath then it could be due to dry mouth, eating food, cavities, smoking etc. In order to over dry mouth, you need to drink plenty of water so that it will clean your mouth. Besides this, after brushing you eat food or beverages that contain onions, garlic then it will leave odor from your mouth. If you want to fix bad breath then you must brush your teeth twice a day. Additionally, you must drink plenty of water so that will not make your mouth smelly. You can also use mouth wash to avoid the smell.

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