5 Everyday Bad Habits That Erode Your Enamel- Things You Must Know

Maintaining healthy teeth suppose to be an easy task. Whatever we eat that goes into the stomach first meets with our teeth, as they are responsible for converting food into tiny pieces and then sending it down for our body to digest. If we don’t care about our teeth, the food can stick to its surface, causing different oral problems. It is almost impossible to avoid ordinary wear and tear of your teeth. Nobody can claim to have fully natural and entirely unstained and unmarked teeth.

To endure this wear and tear, one must need brush and floss; there is a requirement to involve a regular healthy diet. Teeth do lots of work as we talk, chew, grind, bite, swallow and gnash our teeth. Sometimes we take drink icy drinks or hot beverages along with home-cooked meals. After performing all such tasks and sending that food successfully to the stomach, they also require help.

Tooth enamel is considered one of the strongest substances in a person’s body. Tooth enamel covers the outer layer of our teeth and is mainly made up of minerals. It is considered one of the significant sources when the thing is about protecting the teeth from decay.

It is also responsible for providing a white and pearly sheen for adding stars to a great smile. One of the important things to know about tooth enamel is that it can’t be regenerated as it is not made up of any living cells. That’s why a great need for protecting tooth enamel is required.

If a person tries to maintain good oral hygiene and get regular professional cleanings, it will be helpful in keeping both plaque and acid from wearing away the tooth enamel. Brushing and flossing is one of the best measures to protect your tooth enamel. Sometimes we perform some regular tasks in a day and don’t realize that they harm us or our body parts. Sometimes they can make a big impact as well.

In the case of maintaining overall teeth health, many people in this world can be explored who unknowingly damage their tooth enamel by some harmless habits. To save yourselves from any dental problems, given below are some practices we suggest not performing.

5 Everyday Bad Habits That Erode Your Enamel- Things

Brushing In A Hard Sense

It is suggested not to involve over-brushing as it can damage the gums. But do you know it can brush away the enamel even with a soft nylon bristle toothbrush that can’t be revitalized? It is a matter of worry. That’s why try to keep away from brushing too hard. Instead, you can approach towards a lighter hand and a toothbrush made of flexible rubber bristles. You will benefit from getting the teeth cleaned, saving the enamel from being eroded.

NotInvolving Fluoride-Containing Toothpaste

Fluoride is supposed to be a beneficial source for maintaining teeth health. Still, there have been some studies that believe that fluoride can be responsible for causing chronic health problems. Though such risks haven’t been verified, people have converted their toothpaste that is free from fluoride. Most of these products contain stronger abrasives that can harm the enamel and not fluoride to guard teeth.

Involving Diet Soda

After knowing several types of risks of sugar, many people have converted towards diet soda. It is supposed to be a sugar-free beverage with no space for calories to take place. But one must need to keep this fact in mind that diet soda may advance to dental erosion when it takes in a large amount. To drink diet soda, one must do it in moderation. There is a requirement of brushing your teeth when you drink diet soda so that it will minimize the damage caused by the acid in the soda.

Crunching Ice Cubes

You’ll see many people who like to have a cold crunch of an ice cube. Maybe you’re one of them. Apart from that, we must tell you because ice is so hard, small cracks in the teeth can be caused by it and changes in enamel are raised. To maintain strong teeth, it is better to ditch the cubes and then grab something nutritious and crunchy.

Starting the Day With A Cup Of Hot Water Or Lemon

Many nutrition and diet experts recommend drinking a cup of hot water or lemon instead of going for tea or coffee early in the morning. However, it provides Vitamin C to our body. It has proven false for tooth enamel. It is because the acidic presence in lemon is high, which can discolour teeth and weaken enamel.

If you are fond of this activity and don’t want to leave it anytime soon, it is better to sip it from a straw so it will not come in complete contact with the teeth. These are some of the bad habits that can erode enamel. Apart from that, a common person performs many things, putting pressure on the teeth.

Many things can be accepted as unavoidable, but many can be prevented, like using teeth for packing, opening bottles and jars, etc. Sometimes we think that our teeth will do the work of scissors. That’s why we don’t bother to ask for help from a scissor. If you care about your teeth, try not to perform all such things.

Well, the good thing is that many of the most ordinary habits can easily eliminate. For example, do you always wear a mouthguard if you are interested in playing sports? If the answer is no, we recommend wearing it, as thousands of teeth get knocked during contact games. Sometimes a small hit in the mouth may eventually result towards tooth loss. So, it is better not to take any risk.

There are a lot of parents who leave their toddlers with a bottle in hand overnight, which keeps them calm and assist them in sleep. They don’t know that such activities can play havoc with their teeth. Try not to play with their dental health at a very impressionable age. For that, there is a requirement to avoid indulging in bad habits which leave the child craving sugar at night.

One of our best suggestions to parents is to leave bottles out of the crib unless they only have water in them. Otherwise, the child will continue to sip at the milk, juice or formula and keep the contact of sugar in the teeth. The sugar will become plaque remaining the whole night, attaching itself to the enamel.

Once tooth grinding becomes a habit, it is very hard to beat it. Tooth grinding is responsible for wearing down the enamel on the teeth. It can weaken them and make them more prone towards fractures and cracks. We must inform you if you think sugar-filled candies sold in pharmacies and drugstores are healthy. They can soothe a sore throat with an effective sense. That’s why if you eat them, wait for some time and try to brush your teeth afterwards.

Sugar in such drops or candies can react with the plaque in the mouth. The plaque then develops acid, which eats away at the enamel. That’s why you need to be practical and sensible about what is going into your mouth.

Here is a suggestion for those who love to have fruit juice. Fruits, however, fill with lots of vitamins, but don’t forget they are also full of sugar. We don’t suggest you leave drinking fruit juice. If you want the best of both worlds, try to restrict the utilization to mealtimes and brush your teeth.

When you advance for packed juice from the market, try to look at whether it does not contain added sugar because plenty of sugar is already available in it.

Potato chips suppose to be sticky and leave their presence in the mouth after eating. Little pieces also stick in the gums, which then convert into plaque and contribute towards weakening the enamel. Chewing on pencil tips can be a common habit among many people. People try to chew the top of a pencil or pen when indulging in a particular work. Performing this activity can eventually crack and chipped enamel. That’s why a great need of avoiding such things is necessary.

Even drinking too much coffee can result in staining and yellowing the teeth. There can be unsightly spots and patches on the enamel. Also, a mild smoking habit may ruin teeth and gum tissue health. Many people originate mouth cancer due to smoking or eating tobacco products. The only way to save you from such a situation is to quit anyway.

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