Those who are reading this blog possibly would have been advised by their elders to brush their teeth twice in a day. But according to a sources, it has been revealed that one in four adults do not apply this task in their lives and in turn, three-quarters of these people have visible plaque on their teeth. Despite all such things, lots of myths have been debunked, out of which we will tell you the selected ones.

Flossing Isn’t Necessary

A Few years ago, the strength of flossing came into question, making people believe as if they were wasting their time with interdental cleaners, dental floss, and water flossers. Different organizations have their own perspective about this myth. One says that there is no substantial evidence to prove that flossing is superior to simply brushing with toothpaste, and flossing incorrectly can injure gums.

On the other side, a dental association defends its longstanding recommendation to floss, defining that the ordinary practice assists in removing oral bacteria, preventing decay and protecting the gum tissue and enamel.

All Decay Hurts

It happens that people assume incorrectly that whether their teeth have been decayed or damaged, they would recognize only when teeth would hurt. Though the early stages of gingivitis, cavities along with some other infections aren’t that much more painful. However, it is better to attend routine dental checkups.

With the help of these checkups, dentists can examine your teeth for small problems like fresh decay or cracks in your teeth in order to assist you in preventing larger issues.

Oral Health Does Not Affect the Your Bodies Health

Different people have different mentalities. That is why many people think that dental health isn’t related directly to their entire wellness, they desire to put off resolving dental peculiarities. But one thing that people should keep in mind is that oral bacteria can leach into a person’s bloodstream, it can cause inflammation which in turn impacts other parts of the body. Due to this reason, gum-related disease has been directly linked to heart problems.

Beauty Parlours Are a Good Option To Whiten the Teeth

One of the facts in this topic is that there is a difference between the treatment of dental professions and beauty salons regarding teeth whitening. Professional treatment of whitening takes place in a dental office with a combination of correct equipment and precautions. Going towards the counter kit might result to harmful effects for the gums and the chances of sensitivity in the teeth may increase if not used as directed.

The Purpose of brushing your Teeth Is To Clear Out Food Debris

The main aim of brushing at least one time daily is mainly to remove dental plaque instead of food debris. Our eyes do not discover but the microscopic plaque is there. However, this formation of dental plaque is considered as a natural process and there are almost no chances of prevention. Tons plaques collect under the gum tissues and along the gum lines, this in turn causes toothache and cavities.

A Pregnant Women Should Not Schedule Dental Visits

A wise person knows that a woman who is pregnant needs to take special care of herself as it is beneficial for the health of the unborn child. The same thing is applied regarding oral hygiene. If someone is inadequate regarding this dental hygiene, it can put their child at risk.

In the pregnancy period, gum disease has been displayed to uplift a woman’s likelihood to understand premature labor. Negligence can also result in low birth weight in infants. So it is advised to have a regular visit to the dentist no matter if you are pregnant or not.

Bad Breath Is Related to Bad Oral Hygiene

Many people feel embarrassed to talk with someone very closer, as it increases the chances of exposing their bad breath to that person. Even this point can be embarrassing to talk about with the dentist, but that does not mean that the person has bad oral hygiene. Hepatitis, liver diseases, periodontal disease or diabetes can be some common causes of bad breath.

A Person Can Not Damage Their Teeth By Brushing Them Too Much

People have a perspective that scrubbing the teeth with force can clean them better. If you think the same, unfortunately, this is a wrong fact as participating in this process can actually damage the enamel of your tooth. Enamel is considered as the hardest substance from top to bottom of a person’s body. Instead of rubbing them hard, try to pursue a soft brush for cleaning and try to apply it with ease inside the mouth.

One Can Not Condemn Dental Problems on Stress

Some blame is caused due to stress factors. According to research, a high level of stress has been linked to an increased likelihood of originating gum diseases, especially because of strain in the immune system. Stress is not likable in a person’s life as it affects lifestyle choice as well as habits. Taking the stress out with the help of clenching the teeth is muscle tension that can create pain to radiate through the jaws along with face and head.

Fluoride Can Be Responsible To Damage Health

Well if we take something more than a limit, it proves to be unhealthy for us, whether it is water, food or anything. According to research, it has been stated that a proper amount of fluoride is helpful in reducing tooth decay.

It Is Always Crucial To ExtractYour Wisdom Teeth

A number of people in this universe are enjoying their wisdom teeth without facing any problems. Removal of these types of teeth is necessary in some cases, like if there is no adequate space left in the mouth.

Lack of space can create problems as the chances of gum disease and tooth decay arise. Without proper care, wisdom teeth can cause misalignment of the teeth and severe pain as well. Check with your specialist to see if you need to extract your wisdom teeth.

Teeth Decay and Discolor Due To the Drinks and Foods We Ingest

This is a fact that the type of food and drinks we take creates an impact to change the shade of our teeth. Many people don’t even know that environmental factors like mineral levels in our drinking water directly correlates to tooth staining. We may simply inherit teeth of dark color from our parents or a childhood illness can also cause discoloration and staining.

Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Is Better Than To Opt Brushing

It will be more likable to kids if this would have been a fact. Gum that has a presence of xylitol can prove to have a protective effect on your teeth as it encourages production of saliva. This eventually helps in washing enamel-eroding acids from fluid or food or even stomach in issues like acid reflux. But this doesn’t actually mean that you replace this with brushing when the thing is about removing the plaque from different surfaces of teeth.

It Is Better To Stop Flossing When The Gums Bleed?

Bleeding of gums may happen due to inflammation. This situation may rise when plaque and bacteria get cemented between the teeth where the bristles of our toothbrush do not reach properly. Bacteria take advantage of this and build themselves to cause the gums to become inflamed. Bleeding is also a part of this process.

Sensitivity Refers To Too Much Enamel In The Teeth

Sensitivity is considered as one of the key signs of the loss of enamel, the tough preservative layer outside the teeth. Even gum recession or whitening toothpaste can be counted as some other factors by which it causes. If sensitivity occurs due to teeth whitening, it is better to switch to a more gentle toothpaste that will help in improving the symptoms.

Gum Disease Is an Enemy for The Mouth

If someone has gum disease, they are more likely to have some other health issues like hypertension and diabetes along with different types of cancers which have a link with chronic inflammation.

No Dental Check-up is Needed If We Have No Pain

If you think the same, try to change your opinion. Lots of dental issues don’t feel pain within minutes or hours. That is why it is beneficial to visit the doctors for regular check-ups. These Regular check-ups will prevent future problems such as cavities or procedures such as root canals.

Brushing Can Be Done Anytime From Morning to Night

We need to understand that brushing at a certain time can actually make an impact on our oral health. This is because when we sleep at night, salivary glands generates less saliva as compared to the day period.

Dry mouth creates more chances of cavities as they have less saliva. That is why brushing the teeth before going to bed at night is good because the things which we have eaten will sit all through the night in our teeth and it will encourage tooth decay.

Diet Sodas Are Fine As They Do Not Have Sugar

Diet Sodas do not contain cavity-causing sugars, but they are highly acidic. It has a pH level of 2-3 and these types of sodas eat away at enamel which is considered as more dangerous.

Aging Matters in The Health Of Teeth

A short and simple fact about this point is that those who take care of their teeth from their childhood days till they become adult, their teeth will remain healthy till the senior time of age. Age doesn’t matter, just try to brush throughout the entire life in order to keep the teeth and mouth healthy.

All in all, we should be taking care of our teeth better and be visiting the dentist more often. By not taking care of your teeth you risk causing issues such as cavities, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, and even cardiovascular problems.

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