Why See An Endodontist vs dentist For Abscessed Tooth

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If someone is facing peculiarities with their teeth, especially those that cause pain, the information is given below will prove to be helpful for them and they can alleviate toothache. Before introducing the title, we will describe both endodontist and abscessed teeth particularly for those who don’t have complete knowledge about it.

Meaning Of Endodontist and Abscessed Tooth

Endodontist and Abscessed Tooth
Endodontist refers to a dentist who has the specialty of treating diseases of dental nerve and pulp. On the other hand, abscessed teeth can be simply defined as the type of teeth that keeps you up with pain especially at night.

About Abscessed Tooth

It is an infection that generates from the inner chamber of teeth that is known as the pulp chamber. Both nerves and blood vessels are contained with this chamber, stated as pulp.
Abscessed Tooth
Before the formation of an abscess, the teeth lose its capability to fight with the infection. At that time, bacteria get a chance to multiply and get able to infect the pulp chamber. After the multiplication, the infection generally spreads from the pulp chamber and then pass out through the base of the root into the bone. An abscessed teeth is different from an abscessed gum by the source of original infection.

Risk Factors Involved In Abscessed Tooth

Risk Factors
One of the main factors of appreciating abscessed teeth is poor oral hygiene and dental care. They develop the risk of infections for the teeth. ‘Bruxism’ refers to clenching or grinding the teeth which are yet another factor that boosts up the risk factor. If someone loves their teeth and want to see them perfect for a long time, they must need to neglect a high sugar diet.


  1. Localized swelling and pain are the initial symptoms of abscessed teeth. If an action is not taken on time, the condition will get worse within a matter of few days. The abscess (or sore mass) can be felt with a finger and gingival bleeding may appear.
  2. A periapical abscess can have sensitivity towards cold and heat.
  3. Those who suffer from this infection might come in the contact of fever and there will be a downfall in the intake of fluid and food.



  1. Dental surgery, plaque,gingival disease, tooth decay, and some other problems are responsible to uplift tooth abscesses. Though cavities, injury and dental work are the leading causes under periapical abscesses.
  2. Due to these types of abscesses, some serious complications like fistulas, osteomyelitis, angina, sinus and facial infections can appear.
  3. In order to prevent complications, the treatment must begin in the early period. The primary treatment begins with draining the abscess first and then provide antibiotics.

Why One Should See Endodontists For Treating The Abscessed Tooth?

As we have already learned about Endodontists in the above section that they are considered as specialists in the treatment and diagnosis of dental problems which stem from the root canal. However, most of the toothaches can be considered as temporary inflammation that might take time but will heal. The more important thing is to consider the possibility that the thing may be more serious than expected.

Let’s take an example, if current pain is paired with some other symptoms like sensitivity or swelling in gums at the time of chewing, there are chances that the person is suffering from abscessed teeth. This process of abscessed teeth generally takes place when the soft tissue inside the root canal of a tooth gets inflamed or infected and goes untreated.

If there is a confusion in someone’s mind and their dentist thinks that there might be a presence of abscess, it is better to knock the doors of an endodontist. They not only are more equipped to take the cases of abscessed teeth but also to diagnose them with proper command.

Basically, two common treatment methods are visible to treat abscessed teeth. The first one is Root Canal and another one is Endodontic Surgery. Talking about root canal method first, it was often considered as a painful procedure. But now it has been developed over time and become fairly painless and quick. This process takes a very tiny or minimal amount of appointments for the treatment. The inflamed pulp gets ejected with the root canal of a teeth. After that, the endodontist cleans, disinfects and adjust the canal before capping and filling the teeth with a crown.

The second one, endodontic surgery is a recommended plan of treatment for more severe cases. Even this surgery has different faces, out of which apicoectomy displays in front. Its specialty depends upon a fact that it approaches the infection from the gum tissue that is located near the teeth. The tissue gets opened afterward with care to explore the underlying bone and all inflamed or infected tissue is removed. Then the opening gets disinfected and sealed.

Our teeth look hard from outside, but they are actually filled with connective tissue, a pulp made of nerves and blood vessels from inside. A deep cavity or tooth decay, gum disease or cracked teeth are some of the major causes. If proper care is avoided, it can create serious problems. Even the chances of having more than one abscess can arise.

How Can An Abscessed Tooth Be Diagnosed?

If someone feels swelling, bad taste, jaw pain or pain at the time of chewing, gum redness, fever or swollen lymph nodes, it is better to wake up and move through the expert for better suggestions. Sometimes an abscess creates a bump on the gum which looks like a pimple. If it is pressed and liquid oozes get out, consider that it is a clear indication of having abscessed teeth just because that liquid is pus. After reading these things, don’t be fearful that all such things can happen to you as well. However, it may happen with anybody but the best way to keep out from the frame with these such things is to take care of your teeth and stay healthy.

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