11 Foods That Are Beneficial In Improving The Oral Health Naturally

By Elite Dental Group


Health is considered as one of the most important things in the life of a person. Talking about oral health, diet plays a major role in keeping it healthy. There are lots of things that can make an adverse impact on the oral health of a person. On the other hand, nature has provided us numerous things that are not only healthy for our body but oral health as well. Here we are going to tell you about those 11 foods that are helpful in improving your oral health naturally.

  1. Milk

It is considered as one of the best drink together with water when the thing is about teeth. Milk contains calcium and other vital elements and it is also helpful in lowering the acidic levels in the mouth that assist in fighting decay.

  1. Nuts

They can also deliver health benefits for the teeth. Nuts are comprised of phosphorous and calcium along with different elements that will always deliver positive outcomes to oral health.

  1. Onions

When you eat raw onions, they contain strong antibacterial properties particularly against some of the bacteria which causes gum diseases and cavities.

  1. Berries

If you’re fond of strawberries, cranberries, and blueberries, then we must tell you that they are great for the teeth. Especially talking about strawberries, they are comprised of vitamin C and malic acid, that are helpful in whitening the teeth naturally.

  1. Whole Grains

whole grains
They have a presence of complex carbohydrates that delivers bacteria in the mouth less digestible food. Different types of its varieties contain vitamin B and iron, that are supposed to be important nutrients for the gum health.

  1. Oranges

You’ll see most of the citrus fruits that are acidic and are not good for the teeth’s health, but oranges prove to be least acidic of all and contain some health benefits which a person can expect from fruits.

  1. Fish

Those who are non-vegetarians, fatty fish can prove to be a great source for their oral health. There are some species of fish that contain good sources of vitamin D and is high in omega 3-fatty acids.

  1. Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens
Kinds of leafy greens like spinach and broccoli have a presence of calcium, important vitamins and folic acid that are considered as great for the teeth.

  1. Water

One of the most important sources to keep your mouth away from different oral problems is water. It is helpful in washing away food particles and keeps the levels of saliva high and saliva is termed as our mouth’s best defense against tooth decay as it holds proteins and minerals that naturally fight with plaque.

  1. Apples & Carrots

Apples Carrots
They are some high-fiber foods which take more time to chew and it eventually delivers the chances to create more saliva in the mouth that is vital for cleaning the mouth of bacteria near the gum-line.

  1. Eggs

They are also good for the teeth due to having a presence of phosphorous, vitamins D and K.

Things To Remember
Things To Remember

  • Neem, vitamin C, oil pulling, and tea tree oil are considered as some natural supplements for gum health
  • Plantain, sage, myrrh, Oregon grape root, and neem are some of the herbs for gum health.
  • Vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, fluoride, calcium, phosphorous, iodine, and zinc are considered as one of the best supplements for teeth.
  • To improve teeth health, there is a need to replace the toothbrush at least four times in a complete year cycle. Try to avoid those traditional plastic toothbrushes which are often too unkind and abrasive on both gums and teeth.


For natural oral care, there are different types of things to look about. Like sleep is termed as one of the best things to perform for oral care. If someone gets enough amount of sleep and indulge in regular exercising habits, they’ll have much better chances of warding off whole-body infections of inflammations of any kind. Being an adult, it becomes our duty to teach small kids right from an early age about brushing in a good manner and adopting those habits that are favorable to oral health. As we mentioned there are lots of things that are good for your oral health, like fruits, greens, or beans, all of which work towards assisting the body to maintain pH balance. Oil pulling is considered as an Ayurvedic practice in which the procedure involves rinsing or swishing a single tablespoon of oil around the mouth for a particular matter of time.

There are natural dental products which have natural ingredients. And they can create a good impact over oral health. Like there is a tea tree oil for antiseptic qualities, aloe vera, arnica and calendula for their healing properties, sea salt for cleaning, and spearmint, peppermint, raspberries, and strawberries for taste.

There are some home remedies that can be applied to remove cavities from teeth at home. Things like fluoride are supposed to be good for teeth and assist to restore the minerals in the teeth. Another thing is clove that can prove to be the best ingredient for curing different types of oral health problems that include cavities as well. Clove has a tendency to alleviate pain and it can also prevent cavity to spread due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Wheatgrass contains a good source of vitamin A and E. It also has a presence of magnesium, iron, and calcium. Just like clove, it also has antibacterial properties which help to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Drink a glass of it or mix 1 part of its juice with 6 parts of water. After that, rinse the mouth with water or a person can directly chew it if infected. Talking about the next natural ingredient, i.e., neem is a very effective way to achieve healthy teeth. If someone chews its leaves, the fiber content in it will keep the plaque away from the teeth. It is also one of the finest traditional solutions to every medical condition in every household.

Clove oil is an important home remedy to provide quick relief from pain caused due to tooth decay and cavity. It is because it contains the presence of eugenol that plays the role of painkiller. Another thing that is beneficial regarding oral health is lemon. It is rich in vitamin C and acids present in it are helpful in killing the germs and also ease the pain caused by the cavities. There is a need to keep a lemon in the mouth, chewing it and then rinsing the mouth with clean water.

For providing relief from cavities, turmeric is yet another option. It contains both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent decay of the tooth and keep the gums healthy. One more important thing that needs to be included in this section is garlic. We all know that it works as a tremendous taste enhancer, but not all of us know that it is also a health marvel. If you eat raw garlic, it can prove to be advantageous for oral health. Along with that, it works as a painkiller as antibacterial and antifungal properties are found in it.

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